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March 2012
Courtesy- Men At Work Contracting

Good news from RBC for renovators

Mostly, homeowners want to renovate, not move

Philip Renolds 1

The Creative Eye: Life On Site

Words and pictures from the job site


Killer clothing, literally

Cloths that protect you from being eaten alive!!

WSIB in black

Ontario WSIB truth

In Ontario, you don’t have to be WSIB covered if…

CMHC market info

Keep this link

A free monthly report on new home building supplied by CMHC for your market.

hydronics illus

Install once and you will hate all others

The best method of heat supply on the planet

menatwork 5

Men At Work Win

Men At Work General Contractors win the GTA’s most coveted renovator award

Stats Can image for January

Stats Can says construction industry down, and the res part is even downer

Almost all industries are up except construction. Within construction, residential is the worst.

spending graph

The Federal budget for renovators

Steady as she goes, with help for the private sector and a Conservative twist to our fiscal direction

spray gun

I’ve never heard this insulation tip before

A really cool insulation tip from that friggin’ genius and our tools editor Steve Maxwell