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April 2012

The Great Untouched Renovation Market!

It’s coming. Don’t miss it

It’s definitely about the lawn sign

Get them out there. Make them visible

Benny Moore

Benny’s a charm, says J.D. Power

Paint maker Benjamin Moore satisfies again

Dodge Ram

Varrrooommm!! 4

Our Trucks Report Part 4: Dodge Ram

tailgate lock

“Your tailgate just got ripped off, Ivan.”

Master Lock’s products for contractors Part 1

Loyalty is Love 2

A four letter word for success

Industry expert Beverly A. Koehn makes us uncomfortable with the four letter word we’d rather not use when talking about customer service.

Reiner at house

The house with no furnace

Amazing heat in an amazing home
By Steve Maxwell

insulation story

Bad insulation

US jobbers and brokers with unsold US insulation inventory are dumping it in Canada


Stop trying to be a business

There is another way

banana contractors

Will getting three quotes find the bad banana?

I constantly hear “Get a minimum of three quotes from contractors.”