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June 2012
build brand

Build Your Brand Part 3: Now build the brand!

The most important thing to understand about branding is that it’s not about getting your target client to choose you over another contractor.

Ontario Grants Fund Residential Rehab Assistance Renovations

Here’s where the money is…

energy guide

Are You Up To Date on Your Ontario Building Codes?

Watch out for EnerGuide 80


Homecare seminar, Part 4: A pinpoint of light

Here’s one good reason we need a Homecare Renovators Association

Homecare seminar, Part 3: The March of Dimes

The biggest limiter to renovators seeing this industry segment as viable is the fact that most of the people who need home modification are poor.

Homecare seminar, Part 2: I am part of the problem

The biggest resistance to this industry’s growth is the unwillingness to admit it is necessary.

The conference

Homecare Renovations: Where are you?

A one day seminar being held today in Toronto is ground zero for a new, profitable industry.

Owner of killer scaffold company won’t face jail

Four men fell 13 storeys to their deaths in the worst construction accident in more than half a century in Toronto

Hand Deliver Your Quotes

One of the most common complaints I hear from my renovation contractor clients is that they spend so much time quoting jobs.  They go see a homeowner, measure up the job, clarify what…


Disability Plans Part 3: What is best for you

Over a past few weeks we spotlighted Accident and Accident and Sickness Plans and this week is our final article on the subject.