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October 2012
Green Building

Why wood is better for building everything

And why Life Cycle Assessment is the only way to know what is truly “green.”


Dick’s Lumber, Vancouver, wins Outstanding Retailer Award

“For 48 years, contractors shopping at Dick’s Lumber have been treated as more than just customers. They’ve been treated like partners,” the trade magazine Hardware Merchandising said, in presenting the award to Dick’s Lumber’s owners.

Reno summit movie

Your personal invitation to RenoSummit

Make a lot more money as a renovator, without burning yourself out. Attend our RenoSummit one-day seminars in Vancouver (Nov. 12), Calgary (Nov. 14) and Winnipeg (Nov. 16)

3 ways to finance a reno: Using a mobile device!

Helping your prospective customers to get renovation financing over a mobile phone, thanks to these new apps, is now a reality.

Asbestos: the nearly invisible killer

Asbestos, which we all know can kill you, can be breathed in simply from sanding down a wall in an older home.

Mr. T

Renos 2013 by the numbers

I just sat through a presentation at the Hardlines Conference in Mississauga by an economist from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ted Tsipkopoulos, where he presented that organization’s view of the future…


Battening down your jobsite for “Frankenstorm”? Share your tips

Easterners could use some good advice from Prairie contractors that deal with Frankenstorms all the time

Mike Holmes

And now, Mike Holmes reconsidered…

“I think the point that most of you are missing is the reason he started doing his show.”


Opinion: Why going solo is better

Partnerships mean giving up too much at the beginning or losing too much at the end


Markup versus margin: Do you know the difference?

If you’re a renovation contractor and you don’t know the difference between Markup and Margin, you stand an excellent chance of going out of business. Or working for next to nothing. Remember, a…