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November 2012
Tree protection

Tree protection, good and bad

Keeping the site neat is a very good way to leave a good public impression

Cornwall, Ont. barber goes public with refusal to pay College of Trades fees

Chris Bourgon says that the Ontario College of Trades will, effectively, be taking all his earnings from 4 days of work. He sees absolutely no value at all in the College. He’s not alone.

Accessibility renovations: tax credit available in Ontario

The same provincial government that brought in the Ontario College of Trades, to “tax” licensed tradespeople, is now handing out money for accessibility renovations.

Contractor says Ontario College of Trades the last straw: “Guess I’ll… get out of business.”

“I’m fed up,” contractor says.


Video: Rob, Steve and readers weigh in on the Ontario College of Trades’ fees for “compulsory” trades

The College will be invoicing lots of you in April. $120 for licensed trades in certain categories, and $60 for apprentices. Many readers of Canadian Contractor are angry about this, saying that the College is offering little or no value in return.

How to “qualify” renovation prospects

The telephone can be the fastest and best way to qualify a customer. There is a simple but powerful question you can ask, over the phone, that can help create trust between you and the prospect.

Canada gets Square

The Square card reader system allows you to swipe your customer’s credit cards on your phone, at the jobsite or at their home, and have the money deposited into your bank account the next day.

How he sold his renovation business

Edmonton contractor sold his business for close to $500,000. The buyer got excellent value and has already started to move the business to even greater heights. The key to selling a renovation business is to make sure it can run without you, using proper systems.

bathroom tips

How does a video like this get over 30,000 views!!

No offense to this guy, really, but how do five tips on bathroom renos that start with “Make sure you have a really, really good plan” get 30,162 hits? How desperate can we…


China hold-out house

Just found this heart-warming story in the Toronto Star. An elderly coupleĀ in Wenling, Zheijang Province, China, didn’t agree with the government’s offered price to expropriate and demolish their home, so that a highway…