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December 2012

PEX well on the way to overtaking copper pipe

Within three years, PEX will be the most-used residential water-supply pipe in the country, manufacturer predicts

Calling all superhero contractors

Hammerati’s superhero contest is accepting entries until Dec. 31st


Happy Holidays: Next newsletter publishes January 8th

This is our last e-newsletter of the year. To all 19,000 contractor recipients of our e-bulletins, thanks for reading, for writing back to us, and for all your compliments and, even more valuable, suggestions for improvement.


Three sales techniques you can learn from Santa

Contractors can learn more than a few sales tips from that overweight, 1700-year-od man in the red suit.

ripples in a pond

The unexpected ripple effect of mandatory WSIB in Ontario

In a few weeks, Ontario’s WSIB mandatory coverage will be extended to self-employed sole proprietors, partners in partnerships and officers of corporations in the construction industry. Contractors who are carrying independently-purchased disability insurance need to take a close look at how their own coverage dovetails, or conflicts, with that of the WSIB. If you don’t, you might find that you are wasting money and not getting the coverage you need.


What are you going to do for your clients this holiday season?

Having reasons to follow up with a client always seems to be a challenge. But the holiday seaon is reason enough in itself. Clients love to be remembered. And what better time of year to hand deliver a small gift to both current and previous clients.

One step

The product that keeps basement floor installations dry

A “Made in Canada” product you will want to install in your customer’s basement

Our thoughts are with our publishing colleagues in Newtown, Connecticut

The publishing company that publishes Fine Homebuilding, Fine Woodworking, and many other home improvement magazines, is a tight-knit company in the small town where 20 children and 8 adults died in a shooting rampage last Friday


Canadian Contractor publisher moving to new jobsite

Steve Dempsey, publisher of Canadian Contractor magazine and as we went through renovations over the past 18 months to better serve our 31,000 contractor readers, has moved to a new jobsite. Effective…

Free: a ‘sales process’ document to help you get more work

The Sales Process document contains all the steps you need to close new renovation business.