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January 2013
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Rob and Steve VIDEO: Moonlighting firefighters. Mike Holmes answers his critics.

The first segment of our exclusive interview with Mike Holmes, as he responds to a barrage of criticism from Canadian Contractor readers. And Steve and Rob talk about moonlighting firefighters doing renovations for cash in their spare time… while they pocket gold-plated, public sector benefits packages.

The Road to $3million Seminar

Mike Draper, author of “The Road to $3 Million.” is offering a seminar based on the series for Canadian Contractor readers in the GTA.

construction worker putting on roof frame

Only the lonely

You really are lonely if you are working at more than 10 feet above the ground without Fall Protection Equipment. You are totally at risk.


Are we here to “convince” customers to buy what they don’t want?

Don’t tell me that “sustainability” should be more important to my renovation customers than their Return on Investment. That’s up to them to decide.


Join this renovator group on LinkedIn

Social media connections like this LinkedIn group can be a vital part of your marketing strategy. Why not give this one a try? It’s free and we already have over 130 renovators connected. Join us!

Mike and me

Mike Holmes responds

Next week, in this space, watch for the first part of Rob Koci’s interview with Mike Holmes, in which he responds to some of the criticisms (and compliments) he has received from CANADIAN CONTRACTOR readers.


Polling all contractors

You are an opinionated bunch


A conversation with contractor success

What is the key ingredient to a successful renovation company? Dave and Lindsay have it.


Canada’s ‘largest home improvement centre’ launches inspirational publication

i Magazine is published by the people who are developing Improve Canada, which will feature 400 showrooms under one roof


Flying back to Saskatoon

I love airport living. I have every electronic device you can buy from Apple to stay in touch with work. I am fed if I ask and offered distractions like magazines, snacks and…