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February 2013

What’s really behind No Trespassing signs?

No Trespassing signs can be legitimate attempts to keep members of the public from hurting themselves in places they don’t belong. Most contractors use them this way. But shady contractors can use them to keep a jobsite private from prying eyes who might see, and report, gross safety violations.


The next issue of Canadian Contractor

Why parents don’t want their kids to be trades people. And what to do when your customer owes you $100,000

Keynes and Hayek

The real battle we face: Keynes vs Hayak

Do we need central planning or should we let the free market sort things out?

Mike and me part 2

Mike Holmes interview Part 2

The curse of TV and the help of sponsors and contractors working for free

Sign the petition to fix the WSIB disaster; Rally at Queen’s Park Feb. 28

The editorial position of CANADIAN CONTRACTOR is that the new WSIB rules are a shameless rip off of hard-working Ontarians. Bill 119 is insulting to self-employed small businesspeople in the trades in this province while fuelling the underground economy.


Ontario WSIB shakedown: Self-employed contractors mad as hell

The protests against mandatory WSIB in Ottawa and Hamilton on Feb. 12 were very unusual events. Most of those people on the picket lines had never “protested” anything, publicly, in their lives. Renovators, in general, would rather be at work than waving banners. But they’ve had enough.

Mandatory WSIB in Ontario: more fuel for the underground economy

More and more contractors I talk to are planning to work for cash, or to set up barter systems, or find other methods of avoiding punitive government fees and taxes. The WSIB money grab in Ontario is possibly the last straw for many formerly law-abiding, legit contractors.


Frank and me: Touring the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY

Frank Lloyd Wright stands as the father of contemporary residential architecture in North America. Does he deserve it?


Why are so many homeowners holding up that last cheque?

What is it about February that makes some renovation customers so difficult to deal with – and get cheques from on a timely basis?

Dreams Road Sign

Dreaming of making more money from contracting? Start acting…

The plateau effect, where you grow your business to a certain size and it never gets any bigger, can be overcome. Systems are everything. And getting outside help in setting up these systems is a really good idea.