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Mike Draper

The difference between a good and a bad quotation

“If you are still doing your quotations manually, it’s probably time to get yourself some good quoting software. One of my Renovantage contractors told me that, by using quoting software on a complicated quotation, instead of him taking close to 10 hours, i took him less than 3 hours. And the quotation was far more professional.”

Is you running your business, or is your business running YOU?

If your business is running you, it’s going to run you into the ground. Take control of your business with some changes in your mindset. Contractor coach Mike Draper shows you how.

What exactly is mediation? How does it differ from arbitration?

Mike Draper of points out that mediation or arbitration are useful alternatives to taking a homeowner to court (or having them take you to court) in the event of a serious dispute.


Do you have a business plan for your reno business for 2014? If not, read this….

This is the perfect time of the year to ask yourself this question. “Do I really want to fly by the seat of my pants as a renovation contractor, or do I want to try to come up with the Three Year Business Plan?”

Contractor U: Do you have a vision and a plan?

I recommend that renovation contractors have a Three Year Plan. Three years is a good timeframe as it is close enough that it is motivating, yet far enough out that you have time to reach your vision.

Contractor U: The cash flow forecast

If you are going to grow your business, you will need to finance it somehow. Yes, there is a risk to that, but it’s a calculated risk. Understanding your cash flow is one of the calculations you will need to do.

If you’re still on the tools yourself, you’re losing money

If you are still doing all the construction yourself in your business, that’s fine. But understand that you will quickly reach a maximum annual earnings, and it will never really grow. You will be maxed out.

Contractor U – The best way to higher profits: waste less time

The fastest way to increase your bottom line is to be more efficient – or, simply put, by saving time. Everybody has heard the expression “time is money,” but only a few contractors – the extremely successful ones – are masters at saving time and operating with brilliant efficiency.

It’s still about the lawn sign

Lawn signs make you money


Contractor U: Bottom line thinking

Not making enough money? Then learn to think about the bottom line, not just what you’re billing (top line) on every job you do.