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Coaches Corner with Mike Draper (VIDEO): “Making Home Shows Work For You”

A lot of contractors take a booth at a home show, but don’t get any worthwhile leads for new business, even though the show might be swarming with potential new customers. Renovantage’s Mike Draper tells you how to work a home show to get real leads, for real business, in this video clip.

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Don’t be a statistic: Look up and look out for powerlines! (sponsored message)

In the last decade, 20 people have been killed by contact with overhead powerlines. It didn’t have to be that way

(VIDEO) Rob and Steve talk about the average Canadian contractor’s salary, plus the Ontario College of Trades

$69,550 is the median income of the Canadian Contractor readers who filled out our 6th Annual OutRank Salary Survey.


We’ll go on the site, we’ll go into the site trailer…

Bob Onyschuk, head of enforcement for the Ontario College of Trades, talks about the powers his officers have to force contractors to prove their credentials


VIDEO: Interview with PROBUILT’s Mike Upshall: How to structure your renovation firm

Mike Upshall, a veteran homebuilder and renovator, talks about how he runs his firm using a lead carpenter system that puts on-the-tools carpenters into front line roles with full budgetary responsibilities

VIDEO: In a dispute about a tile or marble installation? Call these experts for a third party opinion

TTMAC, the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC), will send an expert to inspect your tile installation if you have a quality dispute with a homeowner


Got a cash flow crunch? Help solve it with Square’s free credit card reader for your smartphone or tablet

Square’s device and the app that powers is is compatible with Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads. Presto, your customer’s credit card payment shows up in your bank account by the next business day.

Coaches Corner (VIDEO): Work less, make more (it can be done)

If you are working too many hours as a renovator or contractor, there are two bad things that can happen to you. One, you can burn out – have physical health problems. Two, you won’t be able to sell your business when you want to retire.

Whatever successes I can claim as a renovator, I attribute to good partnerships

“In each case, the partnerships helped me where I fell short and allowed me to do what I did best.”

coaches corner

VIDEO: Coaches Corner with Mike Draper: Getting beyond the “business plateau”

Every contracting business has a certain plateau at which it can’t make any more money for the owner without hiring more skilled help – or setting up better systems – or both. In this video, Rob Koci and Mike Draper talks about how to accomplish that, espc