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Send us your stories about your client’s neighbours trying to shut down your project

Were you able to find a way to make nice with the angry neighbour, even getting them to back off and remove their formal objections to City Hall?

Report your Toronto-area building permit frustrations on this website

This Toronto-area homeowner, endlessly frustrated (along with his award-winning, veteran design-build contractor) by the permit process, has put up a site for other contractors and homeowners to tell their stories of over-the-top delays and red tape in getting building permits.

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From pilot to contractor: (21) Completing the puzzle

21 posts later, pilot-turned-contractor John Bleasby has shared with us every decision he had to make as a GC, from his windswept, snow-covered empty lot to his completed new family home. Here he wraps up his post-mortem on the build.

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From pilot to contractor: (20) The clarity of hindsight: Design and Budget

John Bleasby’s dream home is 99 per cent finished and in this blog he begins his ‘post-mortem': Looking at what he got right – and what he was challenged by – during this, his rookie build.


From pilot to contractor: (19) Confessions from an ‘Owner/General Contractor’

Editor’s Note: John Bleasby has been blogging about his ‘rookie’ experience building his family’s new home, north of Orillia, ON, for almost six months. Now, he has moved into his beautiful new home. We’d…


From pilot to contractor: (18) The sprint to the finish

Pilot-turned-contractor John Bleasby is less than one week away from Move In Day on his family’s dreamhome, north of Orillia, ON. In this week’s blog he talks about the “controlled chaos” he is living near the end of his project.

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From pilot to contractor: (17) Four reasons why I used bamboo flooring

Bamboo looks great, is hard as nails, provides unmatched value… and is eco-friendly. However, you want to watch out for manufacturers who use urea formaldehyde as the gluing compound.

Hardcore Renos FOOTINGS

VIDEO: Hardcore Renos: Pouring the Footings

Manny Neves and Anderson Hinds, the Hardcore Renos boys in Toronto who were featured on our July/August issue cover, produced one of the greatest self-produced construction videos of all time (seriously) when they poured their footings for their Rondale House project.

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From pilot to contractor: (16) Why I canned ‘The Man of Steel’

“As much as I wanted the steel siding and the clean horizontal lines it offered, there was no choice but to move to Plan B: Concrete Sheeting.”

From pilot to contractor: (15) Window and door decisions

It seems every building supply store wanted to sell me windows and doors. No wonder!  Windows and exterior doors can be the single most expensive component of a new home. And while raw…