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Bamboo: The flooring material of the future?

I get a kick when I tell people about the bamboo flooring in the new house. The look on their faces would suggest they imagine a series of bamboo reed mats. Then I…

Hardcore Renos FOOTINGS

VIDEO: Hardcore Renos: Pouring the Footings

Manny Neves and Anderson Hinds, the Hardcore Renos boys in Toronto who were featured on our July/August issue cover, produced one of the greatest self-produced construction videos of all time (seriously) when they poured their footings for their Rondale House project.

man of steel

From pilot to contractor: (16) Why I canned ‘The Man of Steel’

“As much as I wanted the steel siding and the clean horizontal lines it offered, there was no choice but to move to Plan B: Concrete Sheeting.”

From pilot to contractor: (15) Window and door decisions

It seems every building supply store wanted to sell me windows and doors. No wonder!  Windows and exterior doors can be the single most expensive component of a new home. And while raw…

From commercial pilot to general contractor: (14) Keeping a clean worksite

My house project is now 21 weeks old. During this time, I have had over a dozen different trades on the site, some for a few days, some for a few weeks, others…

Bleasby stone-300x265

From commercial pilot to general contractor: (13) Researching the stone

“We found a Canadian manufacturer who combined everything we wanted: individual, man-made stone slices, realistic colours, and very good pricing.”

From commercial pilot to general contractor: (12) My drywall ‘back-up plan’

John Bleasby outlines how he and his lead carpenter did an extensive walk-through of the framed house prior to drywalling, to plan out wood back up plates behind the gypsum

My Treasure Trove of Bargains

“What kind of light fixture goes on the bathroom wall by the mirror?” My electrician and I were doing the all-important walk-through on his first day on the site, marking locations for light…

Bleasby spray foam August 6

From commercial pilot to general contractor: (11) Insulation under my flat roof

“I had three basic choices: traditional fibreglass bats plus vapour barrier, blown-in insulation, and spray foam.”

Tom Johnstone from RONA's Barrie store delivered my 3 steel man-doors personally in his truck when the order went overdue.

From commercial pilot to general contractor: (10) Seeking the ‘Trifecta’ of materials purchasing

You’ve heard the old joke about buying materials: “Price, Quality and Service – pick ANY TWO!” Rookie homebuilder John Bleasby, in this blog, argues that all THREE ought to be available from the right supplier.