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Court orders Brampton, ON monster home to be torn down after building permit issued “mistakenly”

Revoking a building permit because of a city error, in this case, involved a five year legal battle

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August 4, 2017 by Steve Payne

After a five year legal battle, the city of Brampton, Ontario has won its fight to get an under-construction 6,600 sq. ft. monster home torn down. The Ontario Superior Court ruled July 25 that Ahmed Elbasiouni, the owner of the project, must tear down the structure within 120 days. Demolition has already begun.

Elbasiouni had fought hard to keep his project alive, arguing that the city had issued him a building permit in 2012. He testified that the specs and drawings he submitted for approval five years ago were precisely what he subsequently built, including eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

But the city later claim that it had made an “error” in its approval. It tried to revoke its permit. And the five year court battle began, which seems to have reached a conclusion that the neighbours will applaud.

For the full story from the Brampton Guardian, which ran in the Toronto Star on July 27, click here.

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