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Six signs that you are a bad manager

If you do any of these six things, your bad management is hurting your contracting business

Delegate or die: How trying to do it all yourself will kill your business

“The lack of courage to delegate properly, and the knowledge of how to do it, is one of the most general causes of failures in organizations.”

Coaches corner

Coaches Corner (VIDEO): How to stay FOCUSED as a professional renovator

Focus comes from having distinct goals for your renovation business. Useful goals can be related to (1) Hours worked (2) Revenue and (3) Profitability.

Coaches corner

(VIDEO) Coach’s Corner with Mike Draper: How to handle work crunches in busy season

If you’re a good contractor, and you’re in a good marketplace, you should be at your busiest time of the year right now. Contractor coach Mike Draper ( talks about how to use busy times to structure your business properly for the future.

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Don’t be a statistic: Look up and look out for powerlines! (sponsored message)

In the last decade, 20 people have been killed by contact with overhead powerlines. It didn’t have to be that way

Coaches Corner (VIDEO): Work less, make more (it can be done)

If you are working too many hours as a renovator or contractor, there are two bad things that can happen to you. One, you can burn out – have physical health problems. Two, you won’t be able to sell your business when you want to retire.

Draper video

(VIDEO) Coaches Corner: How to generate more leads – without spending a fortune

What’s the difference between “building a brand” and “lead generation”? The first term is “nice to have,” but the second is “need to have,” as Renovantage’s Mike Draper explains in this short video clip.


Do you have a business plan for your reno business for 2014? If not, read this….

This is the perfect time of the year to ask yourself this question. “Do I really want to fly by the seat of my pants as a renovation contractor, or do I want to try to come up with the Three Year Business Plan?”

Tim Faller

Coaches Corner (VIDEO): “There is no deficiency list!”

What happens when you decide there will be no deficiency list? It changes everything and makes you much more profitable.


VIDEO Coaches’ Corner: Solving problems – the follow up stage, Part 4

Mike Draper of concludes his chat with Rob Koci, editor of Canadian Contractor, about problem solving with clients