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Whose Mess is This Anyway?

My house project is now 21 weeks old. During this time, I have had over a dozen different trades on the site, some for a few days, some for a few weeks, others…

A few points about Magboard (from Ben Polley, alternative builder)

Ben Polley is one of the most experienced “alternative” and sustainable and eco-conscious builders in Canada. He has test-driven magnesium oxide board and here are his thoughts about it.

(People) don’t trust the stock market so they dump very dollar and then some into housing. Not good.

Bob2 agrees with Maclean’s. The renovation industry, he says, IS over-inflated with too much debt-based spending and unrealistic expectations on returns on resale

This is just more of Maclean’s typical fear mongering journalism

“Yes, maybe low interest rates have helped fuel this so-called (renovation) “boom” but, as a second generation renovator with 50+ years (as a family business), there has always been more work than we could handle.”

(Ministry of Transportation cops) ARE vultures

“$1,500 of tickets (from the MTO) one day… and then a month later, another $1,000 in tickets for things they apparently didn’t catch the previous time.”

mto officer writing ticket

Opinion: “I think the MTO (Ontario Ministry of Transport vehicle safety cops) are vultures.”

Our columnist Alec Caldwell says the MTO officers he saw by the side of the road recently, apparently staking out the access road to a well-used, legal construction dump site, were engaged in an ‘entrapment’ scheme

doom and gloom

Maclean’s magazine article claims the renovation boom “puts the economy at risk”!

The article in the July 28, 2014 Maclean’s, by Chris Sorenson, is called “The Dark Side of the Renovation Boom.” It says that Canadians are over-indebting themselves with renovation spending that is nothing more than “conspicuous consumption” and that a rise in interest rates or a housing price correction could bring our industry crashing down – affecting the entire economy.

The difference between a good and a bad quotation

“If you are still doing your quotations manually, it’s probably time to get yourself some good quoting software. One of my Renovantage contractors told me that, by using quoting software on a complicated quotation, instead of him taking close to 10 hours, i took him less than 3 hours. And the quotation was far more professional.”

Bleasby stone-300x265

From commercial pilot to general contractor: (13) Researching the stone

“We found a Canadian manufacturer who combined everything we wanted: individual, man-made stone slices, realistic colours, and very good pricing.”

Alberta has a higher level of education in trades that makes Ontario tickets look like a joke…

“You need three different tickets in Ontario to do what you can do with your Alberta sheet metal ticket – and it’s free,” writes Sterling McCauley.