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(Inspectors) change the way they apply the code for each builder

It remains to be seen how the changes to the B.C. building code will be applied. The head of the GVHBA has been quoted as saying the changes will add $5,000 to $10,000 to the cost of a new house.

In most countries worth living in, unions do have tax-free status. But only in Canada is that allowed without openness and audited books.

Robert Sloan, Langstaff and Sloan, weighs in Bill C-377, which would force unions to open up their books to the public.

When I do my quote, I always add 7.5 per cent extra for the “work permit” (WSIB)

“In my case I do flooring and I have to pay $7.50 to WSIB for each $100 I make.”

The difference between union-minded workers versus employers

“Unions no longer serve the members they so adamantly say they are trying to protect.”

Bill C-377: The government forcing a private entity (a union) to make their financial statements public is downright scary.

Mike has worked in both the union and non-union side of the electrical business for 25 years. Though he’s a conservative, he hates the proposed Harper government legislation to force unions to publicly disclose their spending.

ESA inspectors are busy and this would undermine their Authorized Contractor Program

Is it really a good idea to tell the public not to pay electricians until a Certificate of Inspection has been produced? Really?

Why does a doctor who abuses his patients get a lesser punishment than an unlicensed electrician?

Obviously the Electrical Safety Authority takes its job more seriously than the College of Physicians and Surgeons does.

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Opinion: Part 2 – Guilty – IBEW Union CLOSED Lorne’s Electric

Union interference took down Lorne’s Electric and its owner, Eric Glahs. So who cares? Does IBEW care? Tell us what you think.


Blast from the Past: Frank Cohn’s famous Clients From Hell column

“She’s bought her first house, and she wants to play Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, she has the budget of Wilma Flintstone.”

Are you leaving your tools behind at your jobsite? Beware!

An accident involving your tools, because you didn’t lock them out, or tag them out, can have severe legal consequences for you.