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Fall arrest

Ontario Ministry of Labour “working at heights” course modules will be mandatory by July 1st

You may not think you have to worry about getting certified for Fall Arrest safety if you work in the home renovations industry. Or if you don’t go up ladders. But pretty well everyone will have to take at least Module 1.

coaches corner

Coaches Corner with Mike Draper (VIDEO): “Making Home Shows Work For You”

A lot of contractors take a booth at a home show, but don’t get any worthwhile leads for new business, even though the show might be swarming with potential new customers. Renovantage’s Mike Draper tells you how to work a home show to get real leads, for real business, in this video clip.


Does wearing a hard hat stop your religious freedom?

It seems so, according to many recent court cases. More and more citizens are being permitted to ditch hard hats and helmets in favour of religious headgear. Who pays when these people sustain an injury? We all do.

VIDEO: Steve Maxwell shows how to finish a basement properly (sponsored message)

Traditional basement finishing techniques using stud frame walls, fibre insulation and vapour barriers can sometimes work out OK. But this “traditional” method of building is not without its risks – especially in moist conditions. Steve Maxwell show us how to use foam panel systems and engineered subfloors to ensure a warm, dry and cozy final product.

B.C. workers are dying every year from negligence and yet we still don’t see criminal prosecution…

B.C. union official Lee Loftus is among the many union voices in the province who are calling for new legislation to allow criminal charges against corporate executives in the event of workplace accidents.

As a tradesman I left Ontario for Alberta a year ago – and my wages doubled overnight

“I came out here as a short term arrangement, put a few bucks away and pay the bills back home,” says Joe Greps. “I will never be back.”

Ontario College of Trades: Why CARAHS opposes it

The Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services, says its president Alec Caldwell, is determined to prevent its members from being harassed out of business by the Ontario College of Trades

Join the protests against steep hydro rate increases in Ontario

Doug Leitch, outspoken critic of the Ontario College of Trades, is behind a protest against steep Hydro One rate increases and surcharges on April 4th.


Contractors must be up to date in their tax filings…

Private contractors in Quebec will have to show clients that they are in good standing with Revenue Quebec before they can proceed with projects worth $25,000 or more

CMPX plumbing and mechanicals show starts today, Wednesday, in Toronto

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