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VIDEO: The Hardcore Renos boys raising the walls and raising hell

Hardcore Renos is the name of the Toronto residential construction firm headed up by Manny Neves and Anderson Hinds. They’re our cover story for our July/August issue. (If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can see that story down at DIGITAL EDITION at the bottom of this page.)

Here’s just one of the 122 videos that the Hardcore boys¬†currently have online,¬†some of them getting tens of thousands of views. Learn all about these skilled builders who just happen to be born entertainers, here.

We think that should be several million views.

Really great stuff guys.

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Steve Payne is the editor of Canadian Contractor magazine
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  1. I thought it was funny but very real…..we all get those days that it just becomes fun – doing what we do!!!!

  2. Insane. Open hole in the floor, no guards. Looks like a 9 ft + drop to the ground, no travel restraint, (sub floor level with the facia of the house next door). Hope those are safety shoes. No shirt, no uv protection I assume. Not a hard hat on the bunch. Sooooo Cooool and not what my guys ever need to see as far as bullshit on a jobsite. Please have some regard for reality. I wonder if this video constitutes violations that are prosecutable by the MOL . This, and every show on DIY pissess me off, in effect, negating the value of all the safety training we do and try to enforce. Some reality please. Not so great of stuff guys.

  3. Robert Koci

    Technically, Steve, you have an argument, but good God, man, you are so missing the point. Yes, safety is important, but, first, these guys are not doing anything that you don’t see EVERYWHERE. Second, I can personally attest to their safety record. It is impeccable. They are not unsafe contractors. Even the safest contractors don’t follow the letter of the law. I’ll bet even you don’t.
    The FACT is, these guys do quality work that any contractor would be proud of and, as important, they are having fun doing it.
    If you want to crap on their safety practices on the basis of one video, go ahead, fill your boots. But when you are done, take a closer look. They are making quality construction fun. They are sending a much more important message to the community than, “Put your friggin’ hard hat on.”
    Maybe you don’t want your guys to see this on a job site. Great, but then maybe your guys get fed up with your attitude and go to a job site where the owner understands that, in this day and age, you don’t attract good, hardworking young builders by being a stick in the mud.
    If you haven’t noticed, today’s youth want work that is meaningful, interesting and FUN. Old attitudes towards the trades will kill this business. When there is nothing but blue sky above you, a positive attitude is far better protection against accident than a stupid hard hat.

    • 100% true Robert couldn’t agree more.

      • Robert Koci

        Thanks, Dave, but I think I went too far and insulted Steve. Sorry, Steve. I should have been less strident in my comment. I keep forgetting I am a publisher of a national magazine now. and not just a guy on site.

        I have never reacted well to the safety issue because to some degree it is an extension of the “Nanny State” mentality. It negates personal responsibility for one’s behaviour in favour of regulatory oversight and defends rules that often have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with protecting the safety “industry.” It gives tremendous, often arbitrary, power to inspectors.

    • Robert The point wasn’t wasted on me. Too many safety infractions to ignore. Many of us do fallow the rules TO THE LETTER. Its not hard to do. The rules are for all. Its not the hat that’s stupid, its the guy that thinks he can ignore the rules that’s stupid!

  4. Robert I am not against working safe in any way, but basically its just another money grab by the government, forcing more cost to the workman and the employer. It will soon come to a point where employers will not want to take chances having employees working for them. In case some one gets hurt or worse. I have always said you can’t help stupid, some one does something wrong and as a employer he’s going to hell in a hand basket, even if he’s not on site.people take short cuts do stupid things , Knowing full well it’s wrong but it happens, with consequences. What will be next , hire a security man to make sure nobody on site does something unsafe, another added cost to the employer.

    The employee should be held responsible for their actions ,they have the right to say no to a unsafe situation. Years ago I refused to go on a barn roof , my boss at the time said if I didn’t go up I was fired . I told him to go f### himself , and I sat in the truck. He later apologized and it was work as usual.

    It seems more and more that we are not smart enough to think for Ourselves. We need some one to decide how to lead and run our lives. I remember back in high school our guidance teacher told us if your grades weren’t high enough for the 5 year courses take the 4 year trades course, any one can do them. Which left us all a little shocked and kinda disappointed , it was some what like we were not to bright so take a trade.
    Remember that was over 40 years ago a lot has changed since then more politically correct aye.

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