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Contractors must be up to date in their tax filings…

Private contractors in Quebec will have to show clients that they are in good standing with Revenue Quebec before they can proceed with projects worth $25,000 or more

Flooring is Canada’s favourite reno project

The home renovation website, is creating quite a buzz among Canadians looking for ideas and information about home design and remodeling. The site had 1.5 million unique Canadian visitors in July and it…


Liar, liar pants on fire. Misleading proposals and how to avoid them

Given some of the comments we heard at the recent Canadian Contractor roundtable discussion, it makes sense that we should take some time to sit in on a seminar intent on improving the, let’s say, moral quality of our sales proposals.

How do you fire a client?

You ever have a client you just can’t work for any more? How do you end the relationship?

The Passive House continued

Reno Coach Reiner Hoyer’s Passive House gets a new fan in Canadian Contractor Tools Editor Steve Maxwell

Contractor Roundtable, Part 2: Regulations and the underground

In April of this year, six contractors from across Canada met with Canadian Contractor staff for a roundtable discussion: Steve Barkhouse, Amsted Consruction Inc., in Ottawa, Pawel Matonog, Archer Construction, of Mississauga, Ont.,…