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Getting a website? Forget .COM. How about .BUILD, specifically created for the construction industry

If you don’t have a website yet – or even if you do – you may want to consider taking advantage of the latest domain name. Forget .com and .org and .ca. An…

Bad Santa

Bad Santa

Take a look at what Santa left in this neighbourhood

The 3 million dollar road Part 3: Beyond your first million

In the last issue of Canadian Contractor Magazine we took a look at how important cash flow is for a $300,000 business growing to $1 million. The following is the third in a four-part series that will take you on the road to a $3-million business.


HurriQuake Nails

By Steve Maxwell Nails seem straight forward enough at first glance, but they’re not. The nails you choose for sheathing the roof and walls of your projects, for instance, can have a huge…