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Is your crew undermining your reputation as a contractor?

“I watched as a crew showed up the day after Canada Day to spend four hours sitting on the front porch, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.”

Reiner's house

The death of home heating

If you hate installing furnaces, you’ll love Reiner’s house.

Cost side smarts

Cost-side smarts

An example of how one contractor reduced his cost.

The 3 million dollar road Part 4: $3 million and beyond

Before growing from $2 million per year to $3 million and beyond, a contractor needs to make sure his business is running at a very profitable level.


Motivating your staff without money

There is more to life than money

A hand up, not a hand out

By Rob Koci There is something truly pathetic about grown men in suits whining for government handouts, especially when they are builders and you are working 15 hours a day trying to make…