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Should contractors use to buy home improvement products online?

Can online buying compete yet with your local lumber and materials dealer?

Flooring is Canada’s favourite reno project

The home renovation website¬†, is creating quite a buzz among Canadians looking for ideas and information about home design and remodeling. The site had 1.5 million unique Canadian visitors in July and it…

Word-of-mouth marketing is not just on the street

Here’s online marketing to die for and how to make it happen for your company.

Go RICI part 4

Go Rici Construct Canada Reno Roundtable: Part 4

How would stand up under the scrutiny of The Reno Coach?


Go Rici Construct Canada Reno Roundtable: Part 3

More and more, there are third parties getting involved in cleaning up the renovation industry.


Go Rici Construct Canada Reno Roundtable: Part 2

Who is the bigger danger to the renovation industry, the guy with the fancy website or the guy working for cash?


Go Rici Construct Canada Reno Roundtable: Part 1

You’re not a renovator, you’re an educator

Reiner's house

The death of home heating

If you hate installing furnaces, you’ll love Reiner’s house.

Reiners house

Reiner’s House

The Reno Coach Reiner Hoyer has some tough words for the contracting industry.

Greek Lesson

I find it strange. When it comes to the finances of your reno business and your personal life, everyone expects you will use a well thought out budget as the core of a…