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Seven design principles when renovating for the elderly

“With the aging population, we need to be incorporating universal design principles into everything we do,” says Ottawa design-builder Moneca Kaiser.

Reliable Dry: Best practices for keeping water out of basements

There are three main categories of features that work together to make a basement reliably dry.

The 3 million dollar road Part 4: $3 million and beyond

Before growing from $2 million per year to $3 million and beyond, a contractor needs to make sure his business is running at a very profitable level.


To profit, specialize

you need to do one thing well
By Steve Greer

Contractor Roundtable, Part 2: Regulations and the underground

In April of this year, six contractors from across Canada met with Canadian Contractor staff for a roundtable discussion: Steve Barkhouse, Amsted Consruction Inc., in Ottawa, Pawel Matonog, Archer Construction, of Mississauga, Ont.,…


A new way of selling to homeowners arrives

As if there were not enough ways for consumers to go shopping, a one-stop-shop option for renovations is coming to a town north of Toronto. The 600,000 square foot space will house dozens…

CMHC Housing Report Q4, 2011

It looks like Canada won’t hit 200,000 starts this year, but the final number will be close.  And there is  promise of a strong housing market in 2012. CMHC’s Q4 housing report suggests a…