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Word-of-mouth marketing is not just on the street

Here’s online marketing to die for and how to make it happen for your company.

How do you fire a client?

You ever have a client you just can’t work for any more? How do you end the relationship?

Reiner's house

The death of home heating

If you hate installing furnaces, you’ll love Reiner’s house.

Showing off

Helping your local big box or hardware store put on Saturday morning seminars is a great way to get in touch with your market

One contractor's

One contractor’s opinion on home sales and renos

We asked yesterday how changes in home sales affect renovation activity. Here is one contractor’s reply.


A new way of selling to homeowners arrives

As if there were not enough ways for consumers to go shopping, a one-stop-shop option for renovations is coming to a town north of Toronto. The 600,000 square foot space will house dozens…