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Rob Koci is the publisher of Canadian Contractor magazine. 647 407 0754
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  1. Hi, I used to work for G.W. Painting & Maintenance but they closed the business this year and i started my own painting and construction company. We received the Canadian contractor magazine and while subscribing off website I notice this magazine as well. I would like to subscribe to this one as well.

    Thanks Robert
    ABCDE Painting & Construction
    ABCDE is pronounced (AB SE DEE) for short

    • Robert Koci

      No problem. We’ll get you on the subscription list. Send me your mailing address via email:
      Glad you like the magazines.

  2. Current owner of Dependable Painting
    Very interested in a subscription to your magazine

  3. I find your magazine speaks directly to a business only a few of us know. It is so nice to know there is a hierarchy that understands what it is that we do. The whole story.

    Thank you
    Owner of Pro 4 paintng

  4. I have to say that I have never seen anything geared specifically toward painters. My hats off to you. My love for painting started about 15 years ago. I worked for a guy for about 5 years. He was busy and very skilled. However, i was paid cash exclusively. During a change in my life, I left his company and ventured into other industries since. Painting has continued to be a passion in my life all this time. I’ve stayed sharp by doing odd jobs occasionally or painting friends’ homes or my local church on my days off. The only thing that stopped me from starting my own business was my wife at the time being afraid of taking the risk. Now that passion still burns within me, my wife is now my ex, and a world of possibilities are open for me. Realistically, it is hard for me to leave the job I’m currently in. I drive public transit. Good stable pay, benefits, job security, pension, etc., etc. It is not where I “want” to be, though. I’m only 37 and my heart and soul is on a ladder with a paint brush in my hand. I have complete confidence in my ability and craft and can easily start networking contacts, yet fear of taking that step from certainty to uncertainty is immobilizing. Any advice will be most welcome and helpful. Thank you in advance.

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