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Join the Ontario WSIB protest Feb. 12 in Ottawa and Hamilton

Bill 119 in Ontario is shoving WSIB fees down independent contractors' throats. Enough is enough: it's time to push back

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February 5, 2013 by Robert Koci

Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. There is a rising anger among independent contractors in Ontario that, with the introduction of the Ontario College of Trades, the increased cost of WSIB and the pressure by the Ministry of Labour on safety regulations, it is time to push back.

Well, here’s your chance. Next Tuesday in Ottawa and Hamilton, a group of contractors will be sending a message to our provincial government that they just can’t keep piling on with regulation and fees. It’s an hour out of your life, but a good beginning to a protest that can change how our government sees us. In Hamilton, the protest will take place at the corner of King and Bay at 10:am.

Robert Koci

Robert Koci

Rob Koci is the publisher of Canadian Contractor magazine. Tel. 647-407-0754
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44 Comments » for Join the Ontario WSIB protest Feb. 12 in Ottawa and Hamilton
  1. Tom McCasey says:

    This amounts to an additional tax burden for small business owners at apoint when they are already struggling with fierce competition, reduced margins and tough economic times. Contractors should be encouraged to put a private policy in place for themselves as a director. Most of these private policies provide better 24/7 coverage than WSIB overall. At less expense!
    I believe this bill should be repealed or it will become a nightmare for all parties for many reasons not limited to the fact that it is not affordable for many smaller contracting firms or sub-trades.

  2. Unfortunately this legislation was in effect as of Jan. 1, so if you’re not in compliance it could mean huge fines.

    And with the CRA and WSIB sharing agreement, I’m sure they will be verifying that executive officers are now registered as well.

  3. David Boutrin says:

    Even with a scant portion of income commercial, plus exempted work from private homes, it all becomes payable income. The later would have been exempt private only. What a huge cost, 9% off gross…called wsib.

    • Robert Koci says:

      It is one of the worst tax grabs I have seen in my adult life. Some of you guys don’t even make 9% for all the work you do. Now, you have to give that up for nothing.

      • Kelvin says:

        Great comment Robert. This statement is so true for a seasonal business like mine. The 13.78 percent that i’m going to be required to pay is what I survive on every winter. Now I have to raise my prices to try and salvage my lifestyle but how can you when the underground economy is so strong. They say that over 90,000 contractors need to get registerd but only 10,000 to 15,000 have so far. This tells me that either 80,000 contractors have either not been informed or have decided to go completely underground. It still amazes me how many contractors I talk to have no idea how much this is going to affect them.

  4. Michael says:

    Tom this Bill cannot be repealed,we the taxpayers of Ontario are responsible for the funding of the Helicopter fiasco,the gas plant shuffle and the huge increase in numbers of provincial employees.You might ask what does this have to do with W.S.I.B. and I would answer EVERYTHING.

  5. Frank Scalia says:

    Two weeks ago I felt defeated I felt like giving up on my trade, which has been my livelihood for over 26 years. I felt like giving up against this government which just doesn’t seem to get it. Who simply doesn’t seem to listen! Who, it seems, is deliberately trying to squeeze out that independent contractor and is in fact impowering unions and consequently the “trunk slammers”.

    Well, I have arisen from the depths of despair and am now fighting back. I have never been this compelled to stand up against something that will drastically affect my livelihood and my ability to provide for my family. Fighting back with correspondence like this to MPP’s, like electician turned MPP Randy Hillier,(he even called me) who like many have said we MUST make our collective voices heard! It’s easier than I thought. Just take the time to email or even phone your MPP, talk to as many contractors as you can. Let them know that something CAN be done. Get the word out just like Canadian Contractor has. Enough is enough!

    SEE YOU IN OTTAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Frank Scalia says:

    Go to for petitions and other info.

  7. Greg says:

    Not sure I understand the problem. Now everyone has to pay WSIB, and that means the guys who have zero health liability insurances now have to pay, just like all those with employees.

    Does it add to your costs? Of course! But who is responsible for paying those costs? Your clients. Why wouldn’t you build it into your proposal? Why wouldn’t you brag about having it to your clients?

    Be better than the guy who doesn’t have it.

    • Robert Koci says:

      You DO build it into your proposal because you have to, but it makes the distance between you and the cash contractor bidding against you that much greater. Eventually, no homeowner will be able to resist the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by going with the cash guy.
      When you fight this cost, you are fighting for future profits of legitimate builders.

    • Donna says:

      Greg, the problem is not the honest small construction firm owners who WILL comply and pay the premiums, even though most already have much more economical private disability insurance in place… it’s the more fly-by-night types, who have never registered with WSIB to even cover their workers, and now won’t cover themselves, either. How do we compete with those guys when we bid on a job? And if you think that having WSIB coverage matters to whoever is reviewing the bids, sadly, the reality is that most just don’t care… they want the cheapest price, end of story. This legislation does nothing but drive honest business people out of business, and lights up the ‘we’re open for business signs’ for the under-the-table guys.

      • Greg says:

        Well how do you compete with others when bidding on a project? You try and differentiate yourself. Stating right up front in your proposal that you are covered with WSIB and liability insurance gives you a one up on them.

        Honestly, if the potential client is trying to cut corners on hiring someone with no insurance, do you really want to work for them? What else are they going to try and save on mid-project?

        In my industry I have people tell me all the time that the guy they found on the lamp post will do it for less.. I said great, now here’s why you should hire me.. Insurance is the first thing on my list. If they don’t want to hire me after that, then they are obviously not the right client for me.

      • Roofer Man says:

        I have to disagree with you Greg, the underground economy is not only fly by nights but registered companies who carry all the insurances. They just do some in cash and some do a lot more then just a few. They carry WSIB and can produce it if they need to. I have been in business for almost 30 years and the fly by night guy doesn’t bother me. If a customer goes with him good luck I would rather not deal with that customer anyways. I know of a company that has 9 workers and only 3 on books. He does more cash jobs in a year then I do period and his phone rings off the wall. His workmanshp is excellent and he takes pride in what he does. He has been audited 3 times but he is so good a keeping his books in order that they find nothing. These are the guys that scare me as he often tells me that every customer wants to save money and he has the means to do it. Here I am busting my ass to make ends meet and he has more money then the vatican. Canadians are sick and tired of being taxed to death and companies like this are going to thrive with this new tax.

    • Donna says:

      Greg, I understand what you are saying… and if that works for you, that’s great. But when you say ‘in my industry’, it leads me to believe that you are not in construction… and if that is true, then I would respectfully submit that you cannot be familiar with the realities of the construction industry, which is unlike any other. It’s a highly competitive field, and H&S/WSIB, etc are too often not high on the constructor’s priority list – as much as we wish they were – but often, they look only at the bottom line – what’s it gonna cost me? We can brag all we want, they still want us to meet the lowest bidder’s price. They like us to ‘be better’, too, but only if it doesn’t cost them more. It would be a luxury and a huge blessing for many contractors, including ourselves, to be able to so easily dismiss losing contracts to those working under the table… but the truth is that, when work is tight out there, we have to be able to compete with those guys, and the more government fees/taxes/requirements are imposed on us, the harder it gets for legitimate contractors to stay in business.

      • Sean Keane says:

        Everyone is still missing the true point behind this legislation. Complaining about competition, underground economy etc… is only fueling the propaganda machine portrayed by unions and the Government.
        1. paying into the WSIB system different than private coverage has absolutely know bearing on whether I am safe on the job. How we get paid again has no bearing on if I am safe on the Job.

        2 Unions would tell you that it evens the playing field . Mathematically incorrect if you are a union contractor you pay approximately 20% to cover your dependent contractors. Those dependent contractors are self employed, Therefor if you are a drywaller you pay a further 7% ontop. If you are a drywaller who is not in the union you still pay 7% to WSIB where is the difference. There is none.

        3. The MOL have inspectors that travel this province enforcing safety regulations. Makes no difference whether you are in a union or not. There are guidelines for all industry. Fall Arrest, whimis, stilt training the list goes on and on. These regulations have no bearing on who you pay insurance to these regulations are enforced in every industry not simply construction.

        THE TRUTH. WSIB and the Government are guilty of gross mismanagement. There is a $ 14 billion and growing deficit. This is the true reason behind the bill..

        Get your head around the truth and take of the blinders.

      • Greg says:

        Change it to my ‘trade’. Yes we are active on new construction for low-rise residential, high-rise and commercial.

        We cannot get on those sites without WSIB Clearance, Form 1000, tickets for fall arrest and WHMIS, PPE, liability, job box talks, etc..

        As the company owner, I do not have a problem with that. I want my guys to be safe and go out of my way to make sure they understand the risks involved with what they are doing. I do not want injured employees.

        If you are losing contracts to those working under the table, ever thought of reporting them?

      • Greg says:

        I agree that paying into WSIB does not make me safer.

        However it does make me more aware that I should be keeping everyone working safe.

        I don’t want my premium to go up because I didn’t train my employees properly on how to work on a jobsite.

      • Donna says:

        Greg, I’m 100% with you on wanting our guys to be safe on site. I just don’t see how us paying into WSIB does that. And it’s a redundant insurance – we already are fully insured with private disability coverage, which is more economical and less restrictive. And I don’t think it makes us more aware of safety either – the safety prevention aspect is no longer even the mandate of WSIB, it’s being transitioned to the MOL – and more power to them, I welcome them on the job site, to help us push for more safety on the job site. And the more that the responsibility for covering workers and paying premiums is pushed down the chain to the lowest on the ladder – the workers – the less compliance I think you will see. It is my opinion that the constructor should be responsible for insuring all workers on his job site – premiums should be paid on all labour costs on that site, from one source – and the constructor, being the highest on the ladder, should be the most reliable in terms of compliance and ability to manage cash flow to make those payments. But I also believe that there should be competition in the disability insurance industry – the WSIB monopoly has resulted in an inefficient, bloated system with huge deficit – it’s not working, it needs to be fixed. I think the government’s role should be to set out requirements for the insurance industry, and then open the market up – and proof of any disability insurance that meets those requirements should be acceptable in lieu of WSIB. I’m glad to see some discussion on this subject – we don’t all need to agree, but we should all be giving it some serious thought.

    • Kathy says:

      Greg: We carry Liability Insurance we carry Disability Insurance and BTW we cover Employee(s) with WSIB.

      You say add it to the cost (build it into your proposal) SO do you understand that then we are taxed 4 times on this?
      CRA Income Tax
      HST Tax on our regular charges

      Just sayin!

      You seem to have lumped us all as being (IRRESPONSIBLE, UNCOVERED) let me tell you the LEGIT are LEGIT and it’s the UNDERGROUND who wins in this. They are NOT on any WSIB radar (as they don’t know who they are) and they (the UNDERGROUND) will thrive and grow why the LEGIT’s go under!

      I’ve had the argument with WSIB on this hide it in your cost to your clients…and had the Minister of National Revenue’s office look at this on the Federal side for income tax and business purposes. Let me tell you to hide in the invoice, we are taxed repeatedly so that is NOT A VIABLE SOLUTION.

      Just sayin!

  8. Mark says:

    Where in Hamilton ? and what time? who is organizing this so we can get more information about it. thank you,

  9. Michael says:

    Hey Greg,
    If the person/ so called contractor works only for cash why would he pay for W.S.I.B. he is still going to be much cheaper than a legit contractor.I say report every cash contractor you come across and you will level the playing field real quick, news travels real fast in police stations and fire halls.

    • Robert Koci says:

      The problem with reporting every cash contractor is that there is nothing to report. It is not against the law to require your customer to pay in cash, and it is not against the law for a customer to pay cash. It is not against the law to charge a really really low price. The illegal part is not exposed by the transaction between the homeowner and the contractor.

  10. Claude Lavoie says:

    If you believe that this corrupt bunch of hypocrites are damaging your business (and are they ever), just watch what the College of Trades coming soon will do!

    There is just no end fighting government BS in Ontario. Look at Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, etc. These jurisdictions will welcome you with open arms and fair business practices. It’s no wonder that Ontario has become a “have not” province. McGuinty quit recently under the weight of so many scandals and his puppet Dwight Duncan just quit this morning leaving a financial mess behind.

    You have to be insane to start a business in Ontario.

    Welcome to the Republik of Ontario, Komrad!

  11. Kelvin says:

    This is proving to be the toughest challenge for my business in 27 years. I have a few small commerciial accounts that I do work for but not enough revenue to pay for the WSIB fees. I have paid wsib on my guys for 27 years but the13.78 percent on myself is about what i save at the end of this seasonal business. Now I have to fiqure out do I drop my commercial or try to get more to make up for the extra tax grab. With the underground economy revving up even further I don’t know if I can survive on only residential. The problem with losing a job to the underground is you never really hear about why you didnt get the job.Most of my customers like the warranty on workmanship and material so that is what keeps me afloat. But with this new tax it is getting harder and harder to convince them to hire legittimate companies. My outlook for 2013 is not good but only time will tell.

  12. Mark says:

    Same as Kevin, as an flooring company my customer profile is 98% residential. However I have spend years and years by providing complimentary services to commercial venues to hope that I will get one day their business for the bigger project. But it really takes long times as they would come to board with a bigger project. I do have the same problem. Once of my commercial customer called in today and asking me for an repair. The cost is $150, $125 goes to my technician. I have $25 in my pocket and now WSIB is asking me to pay 7.25% from MY ENTIRE ANNUAL revenue ? Is this fair? I have to pay for my residential incomes as well? By the side I don’t do any actual work. Not even holding an hammer in my hand. I am just the salesman. Someone should stop this madness… A friend of mine just got a large fine from WSIB because his receptionist (who works from home) wasn’t paid premiums with WSIB. He is now going to fire her and outsource the receptionist from the US or India. What a madness…

    • Kelvin says:

      Hi Mark, you might be one of the lucky ones as you don’t work on the tools. There is a very low rate for bosses who only do minor site inspections.You cannot pick up any tools though and I am not sure if sales is included in the site inspection clause. You do however have to get them to exempt you first by filling out their exemption request. Until then you are on the hook.

      When you do ommercial work you only pay on the residential that falls within that quarter. Not trying to candy coat this tax grab but maybe it will help. Either way they are really putting the screws to us this time. I know exactly what you are saying with the small job. Do you take it and pay big on the quarter or turn it down and lose that customer forever. Either way you are screwed.

  13. Sean Keane says:

    I hate to say I told you so, but so true, I have been trying to warn contractors,associations,unions and worst of all the media about bill 119 and its ramifications. No one listened, I was considered to be a disgruntled individual, destroyed by the corruption of the WSIB.

    Here we are, the pocket book is being pealed open, money is being stolen by an “arms length” crown corporation. One bill 119 is said to make the workplace safer, I would ask how paying premiums to the WSIB other than lets say blue cross achieves that goal. How does an exempt construction worker in the renovation sector become differ between a construction worker for a home builder. They preform the same work. How does this legislation curb the underground economy. Building trades require; permits, notice of projects to the MOL, T 5018’s are required to be issued to the independent as well as a copy to CCRA, etc…. Where are we hiding. The renovation sector is a largely cash based institution that would be very hard to police, a large majority of this paper trail is non existant, no permit, no notice of project. How does this curb the underground economy.

    Dealing with the penalties for those who do not comply. Bill 119 will legitimize the illegal and fraudulent autit procedures that WSIB was already enforcing in our industry. If you have not received a clearance from an independent operator you will not only be fined you will be forced to pay the premiums on those independents.

    So when the government says this bill has nothing to do with the unfounded liability they are lying, any sane individual can see this is a bandaid to do exactly that. I can provide anyone interested with further information and documentation that will show even more fraudulent activity at the WSIB.

  14. WAYNE says:

    What about the injured worker…Where is the justice for them. They built this country & are being screwed also.

    • Sean Keane says:

      All who are affected should be joining in the protests, this issue is now beginning to take steam the more disgruntled the better. This issue affects all of Ontario in so many ways. The fraud and negligence at the WSIB has to be dealt with. Their Deficit has and continues to increase by $ 1.8 billion dollars a year through the mismanagement. People need to remember this is not the first time. In the late 80’s early 90’s WCB was shout down and WSIB was created however the management continued to make the same mistakes. In 2004 the deficit was $ 5 billion, It is now 2013 and the deficit is said to be $ 14 billion, all under this liberal government. Through bill 119 they seek to steal the money from construction to try and recover some of what they lost. they can not afford to pay for the injured workers they have now. The next step to recover is hit every other institution in Ontario. We need to work together and get the Government to act now.

    • Robert Koci says:

      We have stop differentiating between injury on site and injury in life. What happens now when someone is in a car accident? Our medical system takes care of the person. It has exactly the same facility as WSIB and probably delivers the services needed more efficiently. You ask “what about injured workers?” My answer is, “they will be taken care of just like everyone else.”

  15. Roofer Man says:

    This WSIB Legislation sucks. I get a call from a small commerical account and I have to turn it down. As soon as I touch it I pay about $3,000 more for the quarter. I have no idea if more commercial is in the cards for the 3 months. I’m sick and tired of the politicians finding ways to sponge more off of the taxpayer. Get rid of the senate and rework the MP’s pension fund.They don’t need high expense acounts either, we can’t fly back and forth to our hometown. You wanted the job so suck it up. Stop giving handouts and start giving handups. Welfare is not a career. I’m not against helping people in need but for gods sake at least try. As a tax paying citizen I have had about enough of everything. We are regulated to death and for what reason. More regulation more fines, more money, more inspectors, more civil servant jobs, more government debt. Now we need more money so we need more regualtion it goes on and on and on. As a middle class citizen I can’t take this 14% hit on my income. My body after 30 years of construction can’t ramp up another 14%. Wish I could put in 6 years for a full pension as I would have almost 5 full pensions coming to me. Just nothing but a plain disregard for the hard working blue collar families.

    • Frank says:

      Amen to that Roofer Man. You hit the nail on the head. It is time to push back. Raise awareness and let everyone who will listen know what is going on. We can talk amongst ourselves ’til we turn blue, but if the powers that be don’t hear us, we’ve just vented with no result. Many protestors have never done it before but are so desperate that it is something they feel compelled to do for the first time in there lives. We must do something to stop this “attack” on our livelihoods. We can’t assume or hope that someone else is fighting our battles. Put done the tools and add your voice to a protest or write a letter to your MPP. Believe me it helps. We all have the same concerns but no union to fight for us. We need to be that union together. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t even realize what’s happening in our industry or don’t seem to care or feel there is anything they can do. Wait ’til they see there lower bottom line.
      It is time to fight back or else this nonsense in government won’t end. Enough is Enough!

      • Sean Keane says:

        For far to long our industry has been taken advantage of. No shock the powers that be consider our industry full of functional illiterates. The proof is in the pudding. They are slowly finding out this is not the case. I know lawyers, engineers, finance and accountants that own and run construction companies. I my self an accountant.

        One main sticking point we must overcome is cohesion. We don`t have. Yet with this new forum the internet and our word of mouth we can achieve that cohesiveness. Forget about associations like OHBA and CFIB although some good they simply monitor the situation, unlike the teachers and doctors who seem to be spotlighted in the media every time some one farts, of the public sector unions who achieve the same we are separated by many many associations that do not work together. We need to force our associations to work together or get rid of them.

        One way for now is this following petition, go there sign, get all who you know sign. Prove we are not simply functional illiterates.

      • Donna says:

        Another petition here to sign –

        There is also a rally planned for February 28, 2013 – in Ottawa – and although there may be a cost to taking the day off work, and getting to the rally, that cost is nothing compared to what this new WSIB legislation will cost us if it stays in place. Time for us to make a public statement – and support MPP Randy Hillier as he introduces legislation to fix the WSIB.

        For details, see here

      • Donna says:

        The ‘Enough is Enough – Fix the WSIB’ rally is on Feb 28 at 10 a.m. at Queen’s Park – Legislative Assembly of Ontario
        Queen’s Park Crescent East and Grosvenor Street
        Toronto, Ontario M7A1A8

        Sorry for spreading misinformation about location in my post above.

  16. Wood Floorman says:

    I’m glad Ive met more comrads with the same anger and frustration. I’m Incorporated so I’m looking at 7% of my wages, 4-5000/yr. CRAZY! And I will NOT cancel my private insurance. It will protect me better than WSIB. SO I’ve decided to buy another truck and try to be an office boy (lol) hopefully don’t get caught with a tool in my hand. I’ve registered my wife as the exempt officer and gave her half my earnings and myself Ive registered under Group Rate 775 which is less than 1/2% rate. Wish me Luck. We need to fight this financial rapage. Once they start auditing the industry things will get very ugly. We will be reading about it in the paper daily how WSIB will be ruining families across Ontario.

    • Sean Keane says:

      Your last comment is close referring to what will happen during audits is correct. However the truth is Bill 119 will legitimize the negligent and fraudulent action the WSIB audit department of the wsib has been doing against ontario companies and families for years.

  17. Sean Keane says:

    The daily commercial news posted comments from a union in December, comments I proved to them were false and misleading. However I can not get them to retract the comment because my true statement which follows has to many words see the truth.

    The history of the WSIB and its management is deplorable, people forget it the late 80’s early 90’s the firm was called WCB a corporation riddled with debt and mismanagement. WSIB was created to fix issues with in the system which we can see today simply did not happen. In 2004 the deficit was $ 5 + billion and has increased at a pace of $ 1.8 billion per year to its whopping deficit of $ 14 + billion today. Our Government has introduced legislation and policy to try to fix some of theses issues. To date all have failed and have simply created more havoc through out the system. Now with the changes in policy and the merit system, the early return to work policy etc.. have led to companies hiding injuries so not to be penalized with premium rate increases etc… The comments made by Steve Mahoney in the 38 session of parliament where he says unequivocally that he is aware that the WSIB pays benefit to injured individuals that do not pay premiums to the WSIB but he feels it is the responsibility to do so. Something which no other insurance company in the world would do. Now if this does not depict mismanagement nothing does.

    Rather than the Government taking a hard look at the mismanagement at the WSIB and getting some sort of control over the situation our bright politicians continue to create legislation to rob Peter to pay Paul. With the aid of union organizations and other such lobbyist we now see bill 119 and the propaganda that this bill is designed to curb the underground economy. First and foremost the Unions told the Government that in their membership there are no self employed members a fact known not to be true at all. The unions would use the phrase dependent contractor, a term developed by the Union and government to enable self employed individuals access to union benefits. However these dependent contractor’s are self employed individuals. There is no legislation or association that differentiates a union or non union individual, there are no agreements between the Unions and the WSIB or the MOL that depict a relationship any different than a non union individual when it comes to individuals safety or benefit for injury. It may surprise many people that Unions do not cover members especially ” dependant contractors” for injuries that occur on the job. If the WSIB were to fail unions would have a massive issue trying to explain their coverage to their members. Without the WSIB, unions would be in a position where they would have to increase their premium base to cover their members 24/7. Hence the reason to lobby for protection of the WSIB.

    Dealing with the propaganda machine by Unions and Government as to evening the playing feild by forcing self employed workers, owners, secrataries, and other office staff to either enter into this already flawed system or pay increased premiums is simply ludicrous and unfounded. Three issues here to be dealt with. One using a carpenter for example, declared as self employed, pays tax as self employed and now has to pay 10% for the premium rate to the WSIB based on the declared “insured Income.” This carpenter whether Unionized or not must pay that 10%, how does this curb the underground the same premium is added to both unionized and non unionized individuals. Second exempting this same carpenter when working on a private home or renovation preforms the same duties and exposed to the same risks as their counterpart working for a builder makes no sense. The carpenter is safer in the renovation sector, I think not. The third and more important point is the insurance scheme it self. Every company in the Province and Country are legislated to be responsible for the promotion of safety, insuring a safe work environment etc.. under the guidelines of the Ministry of labor. No where can it be found or proven that paying premiums to the WSIB other than lets say Blue cross would make one safer at work. Nor being part of a union depicts a situation to achieve the same goal. However unionized workers are exposed to free training and access to training programs. But, this does not change the fact that the MOL and the employers are responsible to make certain their work force is properly trained and educated in safety matters whether they are union or not.

    I believe this makes the case for what we all believe to be true. Bill 119 has been created to force business to pay for the mismanagement at the WSIB, to try and pay down the $ 14 billion dollar and growing deficit. Any common sense individual can see this as fact. Those politicians that preach the propaganda of making workers safer or playing on an even field should be forced to explain how exactly they have come to that conclusion. Any union who would see their membership forced into this completely mismanaged system are certainly not representing the welfare of those members. Nor are the MPP`s of this Province representing the public. This system has been broken for quite a long time. They themselves fear the damage and are scared of what would happen, or how to face Ontario to recover the lost money and how to protect those injured workers with in the system.

  18. dennis says:

    SNAP OUT OF IT…….. We are in a chess game and will forever be .The Government cannot run a business without printing more money or taking more money from us. It always runs a deficit.
    So what to do…….

    The loopholes in the new act is …..GROSS INCOME…. and CONSTRUCTION.

    Start a 2nd company ..non construction …intellectual ( wsib immune)
    cut your prices in your construction company 50%
    charge the other 50% thru the new intellectual company. with this company you provide expertise design and organizational services that DO NOT require you to be on the construction site, now its immune, non construction more consulting.
    The money your construction company receives will be used to pay payroll wsib and any other construction bills, which would eat up any income by the end of the year….no gross….no wsib.
    But the beauty is your employees are covered.
    They run their business in the red …we run ours in the black….so dont be surprised ever again when RED steals from BLACK.

  19. Frank says:

    being injured now for 7 years and counting .IT sucks that WSIB collects all this money BUT never gives the fairness to a c lament they should be taken down for this and privatize insurance for the specified work places these people WSIB are paying me 35 dollars a week to live till i am 65 what a joke please stand up for all of us to PLEASE help

  20. wayne says:

    I would even be happy if they gave us a choice of finding our own insurance. There is much better for a lot less money. They should just call it what it is and stop the bullshit. It’s grabbing hard earned money and saying it helps us, but in reality it is just a tool for Canada Revenue and taxes.

  21. Bill says:

    wsib is a joke me as a self-employed business owner with just me working I had my own Insurance that I payed $56 a month for Insurance so that if I got hurt I would still get paid every month about 10,000 a month Plus med bills now I have to pay 850 a month for them to argue with me debating whether I got hurt at work or at home it’s one big money drop for the government they don’t give a shit about the workers they just want the money me as a business owner and soul work or if I hurt myself there’s no way I can collect off them