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Join this renovator group on LinkedIn

Social media connections like this LinkedIn group can be a vital part of your marketing strategy. Why not give this one a try? It's free and we already have over 130 renovators connected. Join us!

With all of the talk about social media these days and how important it is for your business, I decided that we should setup a group on LinkedIn as a trial.  The idea here is to have all of us connected to see if LinkedIn works for construction.

Although LinkedIn might be more of a professional social media platform, the people that you want as clients are all on LinkedIn for their professional careers.  What a great way to meet professional homeowners looking to do a renovation project.

Here is the group that I set up for all of us. You will notice that there are already over 130 people connected – so we are off to a good start.  Click this link and you just might win some more business.  In a month, I will report back on how the group is doing and some other highlights.

Mike Draper

Mike Draper

Mike Draper is a Master Coach with Renovantage. Renovantage is a first-of-its-kind business group for home renovators in Canada. (
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