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John Bleasby

John Bleasby
April 18, 2017 Voice

High drywall prices frustrate Alberta home builder

by John Bleasby

“The 16 to 20 per cent hikes we received in October are still in effect well into April…”

March 18, 2016 Voice

“I never saw a drunk guy on site”

by John Bleasby

One for the road? Readers suggest beer in moderation

March 7, 2016 Voice

Navigating the maze of social media

by John Bleasby

Thinking like a customer will help you succeed as a seller

February 3, 2016 Voice

Does your marketing plan resemble a trip to the casino?

by John Bleasby

Instead of a “hit and miss” approach to marketing your contracting firm, Mark Harari at Remodelers Advantage recommends a consistent e-mail campaign that offers real ‘news’

September 23, 2015 Voice

Is your communications process ‘Designed to Fail?’

by John Bleasby

Your company’s communications might work internally, but does it work for your customers?

September 16, 2015 Voice

Making his lists, and checking them twice

by John Bleasby

Santa’s been around, and he knows lists are important or someone will be forgotten

September 16, 2015 BUILDWIRE

DEWALT’s new tapes are Made-to-Measure

by John Bleasby

DEWALT is proud to announce four new models that meet the demands of the busy tradesman

September 9, 2015 Voice

The Swiss cheese method of site safety decision-making

by John Bleasby

John Bleasby poses the question: What if you could turn back the clock?

September 4, 2015 BUILDWIRE

VIDEO: Festool Cordless Field Day

by John Bleasby

Watch this amazing display of battery power, as one Festool interchangeable battery powers several different cordless hand tools, and finishes off by ripping through 100 yards of plywood, ….all on a single charge!  And it’s still not done! Tour the FESTOOL website

August 22, 2015 BUILDWIRE

Ripping plywood with Festool’s Track Saw is like a knife going through butter

by John Bleasby

FESTOOL’s family of power tools; they’re accurate and time saving and adaptable to almost any site situation. Take FESTOOL’s Track Saw for example, or their powerful trim saw with quick-change blades for fine finishing of mouldings and flooring. These are just

August 18, 2015 Voice

Two campaign promises for the contracting industry

by John Bleasby

Stephen Harper has made 2 promises in the last 2 weeks that could benefit the contracting industry. Shallow, mis-guided rhetoric or better than nothing?

August 14, 2015 Voice

All will be revealed!

by John Bleasby

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….someone in the design world announces ‘Glass is the new marble!”

August 11, 2015 Voice

The IKEA Kitchen: Heaven Sent or the Devil’s Spawn?

by John Bleasby

The July/August print edition of Canadian Contractor included a design feature by Kim Laudrum titled ‘Smart Tech Kitchens’. It got us thinking …..

August 5, 2015 Voice

Branding or No-Branding?

by John Bleasby

What do you think? In the July/August print edition of Canadian Contractor, publisher Rob Koci and editor Steve Payne faced off on the benefits of paying to be part of a franchise operation or members of an online referral organisation.

July 26, 2015 Voice

No Debris Left Behind, No Sturgeon Left Un-Spawned

by John Bleasby

Edmonton residents near the 700-unit Edgewater Village condominium construction site near Dawson Park are celebrating their campaign to protect sturgeons that might potentially one day spawn in nearby rivers. Fearing contamination by the legendary fish-killing substance ‘Styrofoam’ (aka ‘Strontium 90’),

July 20, 2015 Voice

TEN things I learned while building my own house

by John Bleasby

John “Pilot to Contractor” Bleasby gives us the ten most important things he learned during his recent build north of Orillia, Ontario.

July 20, 2015 Voice

From pilot to contractor (26): What I learned about ‘Form Follows Function’

by John Bleasby

“Form follows function,” affects everything you do if you are involved in design-build projects for your clients. This is why the most important part of a renovation project is understanding why your client wants to renovate in the first place.

July 16, 2015 Voice

From pilot to contractor (25): Avoiding a slide down a slippery slope

by John Bleasby

Managing rainwater flow around his pool and patio was a complicated issue for John Bleasby and his contractor, DNG Construction.