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Mike Draper

Mike Draper
Mike Draper is a Master Coach with Renovantage. Renovantage is a first-of-its-kind business group for home renovators in Canada. (
November 3, 2019 News

Business coaching: Markup, Margin and all that stuff

by Mike Draper

As a business coach, I ask a lot of business owners if they know the difference between Markup and Margin. Invariably, most say yes. What I later find out is that they know they are different, but aren’t really sure

June 20, 2017 News

What type of contractor are you? Top line or bottom line?

by Mike Draper

Top line firms are usually in rapid growth mode. But bottom line is what it’s all about, for most contractors.

July 27, 2015 News

Having trouble collecting your holdback? Read this…

by Mike Draper

Nobody can afford to give a 10 per cent discount to a customer by being denied their rightful holdback cheque. Our contractor coach Mike Draper gives you some tips on getting your final cheque.

December 11, 2013 News

Do you have a business plan for your reno business for 2014? If not, read this….

by Mike Draper

This is the perfect time of the year to ask yourself this question. “Do I really want to fly by the seat of my pants as a renovation contractor, or do I want to try to come up with the Three Year Business Plan?”

June 25, 2013 News

Contractor U: Do you have a vision and a plan?

by Mike Draper

I recommend that renovation contractors have a Three Year Plan. Three years is a good timeframe as it is close enough that it is motivating, yet far enough out that you have time to reach your vision.

November 19, 2012 News

Can you sell your renovation business?

by Mike Draper

Recently, I worked with a renovation contractor in Edmonton who sold his business for $500,000. In order to do that, he had to make sure that his business was working well without him. That’s the key to being able to sell your business: set up systems, delegate, and get out of the day-to-day.

June 18, 2012 News

Build Your Brand Part 1: Know your target client

by Mike Draper

Three steps to marketing your business effectively

March 6, 2012 News

Multiple Trades On Site at the Same Time

by Mike Draper

The secret is all in the expectations of the trades