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Five better building tips followed by high-performance builders

"Enhanced comfort and energy savings are welcome benefits for all your clients"

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July 16, 2019 by canadiancontractor

Designing and constructing a high-performance modern building takes some commitment and planning by builders, but the results have the potential to pay long-term dividends. The enhanced comfort and energy savings are welcome benefits for all your clients. A well-built home also comes with the confidence of longevity; knowing it’s been built to stand up to the toughest conditions. This is how builders become recognized for quality.

Here are 5 tips to help you build the best home possible for your client.

  1. Build it to be air tight Ensuring the home you’re building is air tight has significant efficiency benefits. Many high-performance builders build each home as tight as possible, generally aiming for 1.5 ACH50 or less on the Blower Door test.
  2. Consider your HVAC system early Building high-quality, high-performing homes requires additional considerations for the heating and cooling system – particularly the fresh-air delivery. A good mechanical designer can help you find the right-sized HVAC system for the home. Build tight and ventilate right.
  3. Manage the water Few things create unsatisfied clients like water accumulating inside the home. Ensuring the right steps have been taken for adequate drainage and leak-proofing will ensure your client’s comfort and the longevity of the home.
  4. Insulate better Go beyond traditional cavity-filled insulation on the interior and achieve a higher effective R-value by including continuous insulation like ROCKWOOL’s COMFORTBOARD™ on the exterior of your next build. This will greatly bolster the home’s performance and comfort.
  5. Go with quality windows and doors with lower U-Factors and better air sealing. The performance of your well-insulated home could be negated by standard-code windows and doors. These are thermal holes. Especially with windows, selecting higher quality will ensure efficiency and comfort.

Our non-combustible, vapor-permeable and water-repellent COMFORTBOARD™ is a continuous insulation solution that helps your wall assemblies dry to the outside, and improves both energy efficiency and client comfort.

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