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5 Fall Renovation Ideas from JELD-WEN

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October 11, 2016 by JELD-WEN

Image of an interior home being renovated with the door and walls removed

Not only can new interior doors improve the look of the home, they can also help create a more sound-proof environment

With summer coming to an end, the heat and humidity has at last begun to subside. This makes for an ideal climate for completing home renovations and upgrades. Here are five excellent project ideas for the autumn season.

1. Replace Your Interior Doors

Interior doors are a source of style and sound reduction within the home. If the weather is cool, save the sweaters and scarfs and focus on your home’s interior. Not only can new interior doors improve the look of your home, but they can also help create a more sound-proof environment.

2. Paint Your Home’s Interior

As the fall season sinks in, painting the sidewalks and streets with a whirl of golden leaves, you may feel inspired to pick up the brush yourself. If autumn has a hint of Jack Frost, interior projects are always preferable. Painting your home’s interior allows you to get creative, have fun and reinvent the look of your indoor living space.

3. Winterize Your Deck

Autumn weather can go either way. If you’re enjoying an extended summer, you may feel inspired to get outdoors and complete some exterior renovations while you still can. To winterize your deck, first wash the wood with a power washer to remove dirt and grime. Then, choose a sunny day with no chance of precipitation and apply a fresh coat of protective sealant or stain. This will provide years of life to your deck and allow you to enjoy it once all that snow melts away.

4. Repair Your Roof

Now that the weather has cooled down slightly, it’s an opportune time to take care of any roof maintenance. Clean out your gutters using a leaf blower. This will help prevent ice build-up, which can damage your roof during the winter. If you suspect your roof is in need of additional repairs, have a roofing contractor look at it and let you know if it can wait until spring or not.

5. Install New Windows or Entry Doors

Windows and doors play a huge role in your home’s insulation and energy efficiency, particularly over winter. If your windows and doors are old or leaky, they can cost you significant increases to your heating bill, as well as contributing to an uncomfortable interior environment. Upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors can save you money, make life more comfortable and increase your home’s curb appeal. For a wide selection of award-winning energy efficient windows and doors, visit