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American Standard Provides Precious Time Back to Already Busy Schedules…in a Flash!

Flash provides a variety of pipe connection options with a compact size and design that makes installation quicker and easier

With plumbers top of mind, American Standard continuously looks at ways to engineer products that not only provide longevity, enhanced performance and design, but also provide ease of installation and maintenance.

Enter the new American Standard Flash™ Rough-in Valves. Flash™ delivers maximum installation flexibility with features that speed up installation, giving plumbers time back on every job. American Standard values a plumber’s time and knows that every drop of it counts. With already jam-packed work schedules, the ‘gift of time’ is a welcomed advantage to many busy plumbers. Time equals money.

Flash™ provides a variety of pipe connection options with a compact size and design that makes installation quicker and easier in different construction situations. An exclusive stub-out connection is the first to work with press-connect fittings without additional solder or piping. The American Standard Flash development team collaborated with actual plumbers to design and test the connections.

Another Flash™ time-saving exclusive is the PEX elbow connection. The valve body rotates 180 degrees, enabling PEX connections from either floor or ceiling supply lines, with no need for additional elbows.

The Flash™ valve also advances the heritage of the American Standard brand, which pioneered the ceramic disc valve technology with a patented ceramic spool that allows for faster reaction time from pressure changes with lower, water-saving flow rates. The ceramic discs provide an exceptional user experience from the precise mixing of hot and cold water that enables a wider range of showering temperatures. This combined with a longer drip-free life and smooth handle operation means that any call-backs from jobs using the Flash™ pressure balance valves are not likely to be problems, but referrals from happy customers.

Simplified Installation Process:

  • Small valve body that fits in tight spaces
  • Valve body includes test cap to speed up testing and flushing lines
  • Flat back and sturdy mount designed for 2×4 wall installation

Connection Options:

  • First-to-market stub-out connections allow for connecting press-connect fittings directly to the valve without additional solder or piping
  • PEX Elbow Connection which can turn 180 degrees to accommodate incoming pipes from either direction (both Crimp and Cold Expansion)
  • PEX Connections (both Crimp and Cold Expansion)
  • CPVC Connection
  • Universal Connection for all-around use

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