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DEWALT’s new tapes are Made-to-Measure

DEWALT is proud to announce four new models that meet the demands of the busy tradesman

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September 16, 2015 by John Bleasby

No professional can call his toolkit complete without a high quality tape measure that combines durability, accuracy. These features and many more are now combined into one range of pro-quality tapes from DEWALT.

TapeMeasurers-cropThe new DEWALT tapes come in 8 metre/26 foot, 16 foot, 25 foot and 365 foot lengths, with a 13-foot standout for maximum reach and efficiency. Wide 1¼-inch, easy-to-read blades are Mylar®* coated with an added protective thermoplastic coating on the first 3-inches to help reduce blade breakage. Because the tapes are wider so are the bases, which makes DEWALT Tapes sturdy to avoid wobbling when measuring horizontal surfaces.

Durability features include high-impact resin and rubber housing, five case screws, protected rubber slide-lock button and over-sized cast metal impact plates. The tapes have a multi-catch hook that easily grab onto lumber or cement plus an integrated lanyard slot to help keep the tapes safe from dropping.

No matter the size of the job, you can count on DEWALT’s precision for years to come.

DEWALT Premium Tape Measures are available at home improvement stores and departments across Canada at prices starting at $29.95 (SRP) to $43.99 (SRP)