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DEWALT’s Tool Connect gives you perfect control of your power tool batteries – from your mobile

DEWALT's new Bluetooth-driven technology allows you to disable your power tools from your mobile - an incredible safety and security feature. You can also track all aspects of your DEWALT battery performance on your device.

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July 9, 2015 by John Bleasby

DEWALT’s new 20V MAX 2.0 and 4.0 MAX lithium ion batteries allow you to remotely monitor and control your cordless tools via Bluetooth using an Android or Apple device. Imagine being able to monitor battery life, battery temperature, or pair batteries from anywhere. Of even greater value is the ability to turn ‘off’ (or ‘on’) any connected battery or restrict their use, thus reducing the risk of theft or unauthorised use by rendering them inoperable.

This is a huge bonus for contractors engaged in residential, MRO or commercial worksites.

DEWALT’s system is called Tool Connect, and takes only a few moments to set up on a mobile device. Your entire tool inventory will be visible, allowing immediate access to information and utilisation controls for them all, bringing the latest in connectivity to the worksite.

The Tool Connect app offers four pages of information; ‘Diagnostics’, ‘Actions,’ ‘Info,’ and ‘Alerts.’ For example, on the ‘Diagnostics’ page, you can monitor the state of the battery life and control its use. The ‘Action’ page alerts you when the tool is out of range, if the battery is low or is running hot, and when a re-charge is complete. You can also programme an authorised ‘lending time’, after which the battery is disabled, preventing unauthorised use.

More than ever before, DEWALT is connecting professionals to their tools. By integrating Bluetooth Technology into batteries and as a leading tool brand, DEWALT continues to advance technology in the industrial space.

Available in mid August where DEWALT products are sold, the 2.0amp (DCB203BT) will retail in the $125 range (MSRP) including 2 years of free service. The 4.0amp (DCB204BT) will retail in the $160 range (MSRP) including 3 years of free service.