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DULUX Paints by PPG unveils two deep, luxurious greens as 2019 Colours of the Year

Night Watch, Mojito Shimmer bring contemporary take on old-school elegance

TORONTO, August 17, 2018 – Homeowners craving a contemporary version of old-school elegance and sophistication can look to DULUX® Paints by PPG for trending paint colour inspiration. The leading national brand has named two deep green tones as Colours of the Year for 2019: Night Watch (DLX1145-7), a deep green-black from the brand’s new colour collection, and Mojito Shimmer (036VS), a glistening, frosted dark green from the Dulux Effects Finishes VENETIAN SILK™ collection.

“Both of these colours represent the ultimate in luxe, delivering a rich, striking look that brings sophistication and depth to living spaces,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, PPG brand manager, Dulux Paints by PPG. “An evolution from last year’s popular tinted black, these glamourous dark greens are symbolic of consumers’ desire for positive change – to move from darkness to twilight and to search for an element of rebirth in today’s complex, technologically-driven world.”

Deluxe Night Watch, Colour of the Year

Night Watch, a colour truly inspired by nature, emulates the feeling of lush greenery and delivers a calming yet invigorating sense of euphoria. With the ability to be used as a neutral, yet having the intensity to also stand out as an accent colour, Night Watch couples well with soft grey-browns or warm sandy beiges, such as Elusion (DLX1005-2) or Earthy Cane (DLX1103-4), or intense rust tones like Lucky Penny (DLX1201-7) from the Dulux Paints by PPG colour palette.

Versatile enough to work in either a traditional or contemporary setting, Night Watch works best in bedrooms and living areas as well as on kitchen cabinetry. It also pairs particularly well with metallic finishes and pewter tones and creates a sophisticated “welcome” and dynamic statement against brick or stucco when painted on the front door.

Deluxe Mojito Shimmer and Night Watch

According to Tustin-Fuchs, Mojito Shimmer is the perfect complement to Night Watch as it features a distinctive, lustrous, frosty-green coating that adds unprecedented class and wow factor to walls.

“As a stand-out colour in the Dulux Venetian Silkline, there is nothing else like Mojito Shimmer on the market,” Tustin-Fuchs explained.

Dulux Venetian Silkfinish is made from new technology that enables users to transform their walls in a single day, infusing them with light-reflecting colour and texture to match any personal taste. Available in 40 striking, light-animating colours, the finish produces a silky layered effect that is smooth to the touch, creating a distinctive multi-toned and luminous surface that adds striking depth to walls.

Tustin-Fuchs recommends painting a feature wall in Dulux Venetian Silk Mojito Shimmer and the remaining walls in Night Watch. For a greater contrast, he suggests complementing Mojito Shimmer with a refined, urban neutral, such as off-white Hourglass (DLX1022-1), silver-blue Nautical Star (DLX1036-3) or a lighter grey like Thin Ice (DLX1001-3) by Dulux Paints.

“Even if you don’t change anything else in the room, the transformative effect of applying DuluxVenetian Silk finish to just one wall is remarkable,” Tustin-Fuchs said.

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