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Is electrical roof de-icing a good idea for your clients?

Kits are available for various types of roofs

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As the winter season draws near, you need to start getting your home ready for the piles of ice that could compromise its structure. Once the snow starts falling, it will become extremely difficult to shovel all the snow off your roof because of the cold, heavy piles of snow and safety risks associated with the entire process. Roof de-icing systems can help to prevent the buildup of ice dams and icicles along the eaves of the house during winter and save you a lot of damage to your home.

What is an ice dam?

Ice dams develop along the eaves of your roof from the ice that melts from the top and warmer part of the roof. The heat from inside your home makes the top part of your roof warmer, so when the now falls on the top part, it melts down to the eaves where it is much colder. The melted snow freezes forming a ride around the roof causing all the new snow and melted water to be trapped on the upper part of your roof. As the melted ice and snow continues to sit on your rooftop, where it is still warm, the moisture will start seeping under the shingle leading to moisture damage on your roof. You need to find a way to remove the ice dams so all the snow melts and falls off the roof.

What are de-icing kits?

Ice dams usually develop on roof structures that do not have proper ventilation. Changing the structure of your roof is quite difficult and costly. A roof de-icing kit is the best alternative to fixing this problem. The de-icing system consists of a series of cables that zigzag across the eaves of the roof, they use the same technology as the our floor heating systems. When it snows and the snow builds up on your roof, the cables heat up and melt away the ice directing the water to the gutters and down the spout preventing any water damage to your roof.

roof-de-icing-app-300x196Advantages of de-icing kits

Installing a de-icer is a good idea is because:

  • The cables are resistant to damage caused by UV rays: They are also quite sturdy and durable. You will not need to set up during winter and take down for the rest of the year. The installation process is also quite simple; all it takes is fastening the cables to the eaves of the roof and installing the electrical circuit.
  • Electrical de-icing system is fast and safe: Climbing on to your roof is already a hazard with the risk of slipping and falling. Your weight along with the weight of the snow could also cause structural damage.
  • Self-regulating roof de-icing kits are very efficient and will only procedure more heat when necessary.
  • De-icing kits are suitable for various types of roofing with cut-to-order varieties that come in bulk for custom roofing projects. They also come with a line or accessories, power connections and components necessary to make the installation easier.