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Exterior Renovation Ideas to Boost the Value of Your Home

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Well-thought-out exterior home improvements are worthy investments. The renovations mean higher property value and better curb appeal, so long as a qualified professional provides quality solutions. Outdoor renovations also increase energy efficiency, thereby reducing monthly utility expenditure. The best remodeling options can connect the indoor and outdoor sections by creating a seamless transition. However, the improvements should be according to your style and preferred functionality. Consider the usability of the space – for example, decide whether it should be an outdoor relaxation space like a deck or if you want to repair some damaged features to improve aesthetics.

Hint: Exterior renovations do not guarantee higher property value automatically. The only way to gain higher returns is by hiring experienced renovators that can prove they have done similar tasks before. Such professionals can also recommend the best renovations to try, the ideal materials for the project, and where to purchase the renovation supplies.

Roofing installation and repair

The roof is the most fundamental part of a house because it protects against natural elements like rain, sunshine, and strong winds. A roofing structure that is not in the best condition compromises the entire property and, by extension, your safety. That is why only reputable professionals should do repairs, replacements, or new roofing installations. Find a contractor willing to remain committed to completing the job to the highest standards.

A contractor that takes time to scrutinize the issue to find the hidden cause before recommending the best remedial measures is the most dependable one. They can prioritize the problems accordingly to prevent more damage. Such roofers also know how to handle clients and will provide all the facts about the task, including the necessary work and a well-laid-out cost. According to D’Angelo & Sons, a renowned roofing company in Toronto, integrity is a vital quality of a roofing contractor. It means they only recommend restorations that are necessary. They help you save money while ensuring the roof remains in optimum condition.

Hint: Roofing structures require regular maintenance to remain in perfect condition. Neglect causes small-scale issues to arise frequently, eventually turning into big problems that cost too much to repair. In that regard, a complete replacement may be necessary under certain circumstances – if the damage is too extensive or repair costs exceed replacement costs.

Siding repairs

Siding protects the interior fixtures and features while adding curb appeal to the exterior section of the property. Choosing the ideal siding material to serve a practical purpose and add visual appeal is essential. Understand the nature of the current siding to identify the best possible repair options that guarantee complete restoration of functionality and beauty.

Prioritize experience when looking for siding experts. They should be familiar with various siding materials and handle the repair or installation expertly. Keep in mind that poor installation can reduce the property value and cause many issues that equal more expenditure on repair costs.

Thorough inspection before siding repair is crucial – it shows the magnitude of the damage and creates room for solving the root cause of the problem. Common causes you might deal with include extensive exposure to moisture causing warping or bending, strong winds, or flying debris that cause dents from the high impact. Faulty installation can cause issues, but a good contractor can solve that too.

Gutter system installation

Eavestrough systems are part of exterior roof extensions. They also perform the fundamental role of keeping excess moisture and associated problems at bay by redirecting water away from the house. Over time, debris can accumulate in the gutter, rendering them ineffective. That means urgent repairs are sometimes necessary. Even so, a meticulous approach is imperative as it allows the roofer to choose the best method, whether to remove the debris by hand or use a high-pressure washer.

Apart from detritus blocking the eavestrough, the system can also loosen and detach from the wall. That tends to happen after heavy rainfall or when ice dams and snow exert too much pressure on them. Prolonged use can also cause sagging, especially when the eavestrough nears its longevity. The solution is to re-secure the gutters and add reinforcements where necessary.

Improper slope can also prevent the free flow of water, hindering proper drainage. Ensure your contractor evaluates the slope degree to ascertain that the eavestrough has the perfect incline to function as intended.

Hint: Investing in high-quality eavestrough systems is advisable. You spend more money initially on purchase and installation, but the system remains in perfect working condition for longer, thus saving you money. When dealing with restoration, ensure the repairs will extend the lifespan of the gutters and give a return on investment.

Masonry work

Brick houses have a timeless appeal, but the materials are always vulnerable to external factors that can cause them to erode or crumble. They could also develop structural problems that compromise the joints and reduce the aesthetic appeal. Timely brick repairs can bring back the lost beauty to the exterior and keep the house safe. Only licensed contractors with the correct accreditations should handle masonry issues no matter the extent of the damage.

During brick repairs, the focus should always be on fixing current problems and preventing future issues. A good contractor can ensure the same issues do not recur by strictly adhering to the highest quality standards. Ensure you find masonry personnel that can handle the severity of the damage. You end up saving a lot of money.

It also helps to inspect waterproofing systems in the basement and around the foundation because sometimes excess moisture could penetrate the walls and cause damage.

Hint: Good masons prioritize clients and their properties. They focus on providing value for money and the best returns through excellent service deliveries that boost efficiency. Such service providers also go the extra mile to respond swiftly and complete the job quickly.

Installation of decks and fences

Revamping the decks and fences can provide great returns, but only when you work with a contractor that understands their importance. Decks also add tremendous value to the property by providing extra seating space. The fence provides the first barrier between the property and potential intruders, making its role fundamental. Like every other external feature, exposure to outdoor elements makes decks and fences more susceptible to damage. You can rebuild them in time to prevent further damage.

Regular maintenance is necessary for such exterior features, even after repairs. You can arrange for resealing and repainting to reduce the chances of wear and tear. It also helps to inspect them from time to time to enable reconstruction of damaged sections before the problem worsens.

Hint: Get a professional willing to deliver according to your expectations, whether you prefer modern decks or traditional fences. They should also have everything necessary for completing the job hassle-free, such as equipment, materials, know-how, and experience. The ability to differentiate when to repair and when to replace is also vital.

Painting and staining

Sometimes valuable renovations are as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior surfaces. You could change the colour scheme or tweak the existing one by modifying the hues. Either way, you get rejuvenating freshness that gives the property a brand-new appearance. Staining external fixtures like decks, patios, fences, or other landscaping features can also have the same effect. The coating does not just improve the look; it also adds a layer of protection. That means the renovation expert should know how to balance functionality and beauty.

Most reliable exterior renovators take a systematic approach when handling painting and staining projects. They may begin by pressure-washing the exterior surfaces to remove all debris, including mould and dust. The cleaning should not involve aggressive compounds that can cause further damage – a mild solution that is effective in removing the gunk is enough. The preparation stage also involves scraping off old paint, sanding down, and priming the surfaces before new applications of sealants or paint.

A single layer of paint is never sufficient for the outdoors. You need several layers that can be applied through spraying or back-rolling. Premium paint is also essential – low-quality paints cannot provide the protection level required against external elements.

Hint: Hire contractors with a proven track record in delivering durable finishes. They should also have vast experience with painting projects and other outdoor improvement projects. You need lasting results.


Apart from boosting the property value, exterior renovations should also reduce the time and money you put into maintenance. The outdoor fixtures and features should remain in optimal condition for the longest time, but you can still organize inspections to ascertain their state at specific intervals. The contractor you hire plays a significant role in whether you get the value you deserve. The best contractor should have experience with the repairs or improvements you want. They should also provide labour warranties, recommend brands that offer the same for their materials, and complete the jobs without involving subcontractors. D’Angelo and Sons offer one-stop-shop exterior renovation and repair services in Hamilton and Toronto. Visit their website for more information


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