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Five Tips for Contractors to Get New Business

"Being proactive by seeking out new leads will help drive fresh opportunities."

 Summer means more than longer days and warm weather. For homeowners it’s a time for property improvements and renovations, making it a very busy time for contractors working long hours to complete projects.  That being said, these months are a good time for contractors to focus on tactics that will help them secure business for the next year. According Jase DeBoer, Senior Category Marketing Manager, Deckorators, here are five tips contractors should consider to elevate business and create new opportunities.

 Build an Online Presence

To attract new projects and encourage repeat clients, contractors should showcase exceptional work with simple marketing tactics such as establishing an online and social presence. Using Facebook and Instagram will help clients visualize what can be done by demonstrating expertise – so consider capturing and posting before, work in progress and after images on current projects to entice and inspire potential clients. Setting up a website is quick and easy, and it creates a flexible, dynamic space for a visual portfolio. This approach can help engage potential clients by highlighting why a particular contractor is the best one for the job.

Invest in Yourself

Contractors who hone their skills and expand their expertise will have competitive advantage over those who don’t, which can influence new opportunities. One example of a company that’s investing in contractors is Deckorators. Specializing in innovative deck and railing solutions, Deckorators understands the importance of finding certified deck builders, which is why they introduced the Certified Pro program. Beyond gaining valuable decking knowledge and skills, contractors receive benefits designed to grow their decking business. The programs give access to training courses, resources and promotions and the advantage of partnering with innovative products and industry-leading warranties; something a contractor and their clients can benefit from.

Increase Your Referrals

There’s a reason word of mouth marketing is a tried and true method in building business. A solid and trustworthy reputation takes time to build and referrals are an important step in this process. Providing exceptional customer service and going the extra mile will always leave a lasting impression. A positive referral from a friend, family member or neighbour, is a powerful stamp of approval that will generate new business. Industry leaders like Deckorators understands the importance of referrals from a trusted and respected source, which is why the Certified Pro program will drive local project leads right to you through their website, marketing initiatives and social media.

Be Proactive

New jobs aren’t going to fall into one’s lap. Being proactive by seeking out new leads will help drive fresh opportunities. Take advantage of trade networking events to meet new contacts with complementary services and join forces to offer an integrated solution to potential clients and generate new leads. While networking events might come with a fee, the investment could pay for itself through a new contract, making it important to set aside budget specifically for these activities.

Make Yourself Available

Face to face and having that personal touch can set contractors apart, especially in today’s digital world. In person meetings can be the cornerstone to an effective client and contractor relationship, in that it builds trust and a relationship. Clients are people with questions and concerns, especially since they are trusting contractors with their most valuable asset, their home. Communication is vital, keeping them informed on property activities will make them feel comfortable and secure. Regular appointments to meet with clients is the best way to build trust and show clients they’re a priority. It also allows for showcasing expertise, providing comprehensive updates and deepening a connection that could lead to new business in the future.


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