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Good things come in small spaces

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Small bathrooms are often a challenging space to renovate and redesign with style and function working together. Creating a multi-functional family bathroom with timeless style means your client needs to invest in fixtures and faucets intended for modern day living.

With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to make a water closet feel like a roman spa.

  • Mirror: Reflective surfaces will help to create airiness in the room. This is especially important if the bathroom doesn’t have a window to allow natural light to filter in. The scale of the mirror is really dependent on the space and accompanying fixtures. Consider a wall-hung mirrored cabinet that will provide additional storage as well as reflectivity. Generally, a bigger mirror will create a more open-feeling room by reflecting light throughout.
  • Wall Hung Vanities: Reducing the size of the bathroom fixtures is an excellent way to create more space. The growing availability of wall hung bathroom furniture provides storage and leaves the floor space open, making the small bathroom seem larger. Petite vanities, though small in stature, offer an alternative that is big on design and function, making the bathroom a unique escape from the ordinary.
  • Colour: Choosing softer and lighter hues of colour will make a room feel more relaxed and open. In a smaller space it’s important to pull all of the elements together by selecting colours that complement and play off each other. Creating the illusion of space can also be achieved by matching the wall colour to the colour of the vanity or other fixtures in the room.
  • Lighting: Without taking up counter space, add extra lighting to brighten the look of the bathroom and add interest. Recessed lighting can be used to soften the space while providing ample light and, when used to its full potential, can highlight some of the fixtures that make a statement in a tighter space. Wall sconces can add warmth and sophistication to any bathroom as long as the style suits the overall design of the room.
  • Showering Solutions: Multifunctional showerheads offer much more than the standard spray, providing a sense of showering luxury in a small space. Kohler’s Awaken handshower saves space and delivers three distinct spray experiences – wide coverage, intense drenching, or targeted – to suit your mood.

Don’t let the size of your customer’s washroom dictate the limits of what they can do. Your creative ideas for great uses of space will help them create a warm and inviting retreat that shows off their sense of style.

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