Canadian Contractor

Kiefer and Koci review Milwaukee’s new tape measures (SPONSORED VIDEO)

These tapes "stand out" more than 13 feet, as advertised, and are engineered to withstand rough handling


In this video, Ajax, ON carpenter Kiefer Limeback (@thetoolaholic) joins Canadian Contractor publisher Rob Koci to check out Milwaukee’s new 16-ft (5m) and 25-ft (8m) magnetic measuring tapes.

Kiefer, who Canadian Contractor profiled on the cover of our Nov/Dec 2016 issue, is well known to our readers as “Toolaholic.” His candid, spur-of-the-moment tool reviews on Instagram are addictive – and he now has a massive audience.

Here, Kiefer and Koci measure these tapes’ “stand-out” to see if it’s the 13-foot-plus that they had heard about. It is indeed. In fact Kiefer gets his tape out to 14 feet before it folds. Durability, robust construction, superior engineering… there is lots to like in these measuring devices.