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Consumers are seeking clean, ranging from the physical clean of avoiding germs, to a higher order need: peace of mind, serenity and freedom from chaos.

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It’s no secret that people hate cleaning their toilets, but they are still cleaning it regularly with 78% cleaning their toilet at least weekly, and 9% doing it daily.

Today, the majority of consumers are interested in cleansing seats. If fact, when they use them, they note the physical and emotional benefits.

Based on the most recent consumer survey, a majority would be interested in having various features of a cleansing seat in their home bathroom, with a deodorization system topping the list and a heated set, nightlight and personal cleansing feature following closely behind.

The first question you may have is “who is the perfect customer for a cleansing seat?” Well the answer is ANYONE! Through a recent customer research survey, younger home buyers are starting to remodel their homes and spending more in the process; however, 55 and older homeowners are still spending 3X that of younger remodelers. Though budgets and needs may differ, the benefits of a cleansing seat are undeniable regardless of age.

Throughout the past decade, there has been an increasing trend towards health and wellness in all facets of life. From the food that’s eaten, the number of steps taken in a day and even rethinking basic routines like how much sleep they get, consumers are more conscious of their personal care than ever before. Nearly 80% of consumers view health and wellness as a sign of success and are making decisions that impact their home and personal care that lead to better health.

The 55 and older consumer has additional motivations, which are to adapt their home to their changing needs as they age. Studies show that 75 percent of retirees want to stay in their home and remodeling is the best way to make their home more accessible so they can maintain their independence for as long as possible. The body changes, muscle control weakens and twisting to clean yourself becomes more challenging. Adding a cleansing seat to a toilet offers a solution to have a thoroughly clean experience every time they use the toilets.

At Kohler, we offer a broad portfolio of cleansing seats with a wide range of features and price points. We have expanded our offerings at multiple price points to fit most bathroom projects. Consumers now have a range of features, designs and price points to choose from, making it easy for you to select the right product. Click here to see how Kohler’s portfolio is positioned to accommodate the range of consumer needs and budgets.


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