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Company offers an assortment of uniquely designed, high-quality bathroom collections

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The bathroom is often a place where one seeks refuge after a long day. For this reason, homeowners should consider going above and beyond to ensure this space is extra special, selecting products that exude beautiful design and quality. Luxury plumbing brand, DXV, offers an assortment of uniquely designed, high-quality bathroom collections that will last the test of time.

To create luxurious bathroom oasis, there are key elements that should be considered – specifically, functionality, comfort, and design.

Elegant Functionality

The award-winning DXV AT200® LS SpaLet® bidet toilet combines state-of-the-art technology, elegant design, and unique features for an enhanced luxurious bathroom experience. The integrated bidet toilet comes with a variety of automated, easily adjustable functions to cultivate a relaxing personal hygiene routine ensuring a fresh, out-of-the-shower feeling. The hygienic bidet seat includes an aerated feminine wash and posterior wash with dual adjustable self-cleaning nozzles for independent front and back cleansing. Fully customizable, the temperature and water control settings include six pressure levels and six temperature levels, including massage and oscillation. The warm air dryer offers four temperature settings for ultimate comfort and the heated toilet seat includes six adjustable temperature settings.

Spa-Like Colourful Comfort

Inspired by the beauty of the Japanese hot springs, the DXV Aqua Moment™ Drop-In Airbath with Waterfall offers a curtain flow waterfall that gently warms and soothes away muscle tension, improves blood flow, and relieves stiff shoulders. Aqua Moment™ also incorporates chromatherapy, creating a soothing experience by illuminating the pool of water with LED lights.

Customizable Design

When designing a luxurious bathroom, choosing the right collection and finishes are always important to maintain a coordinated flow of design throughout the space. DXV’s collections are inspired by four distinct design movements including Classic, Golden Era, Modern, and Contemporary. Each movement offers a variety of products including accessories, furniture, faucets, and chinaware.

DXV also offers a variety of finishes from the everyday beautiful Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel to the inspiring Platinum Nickel and Matte Black, giving homeowners the opportunity to fully customize their bathroom oasis.

By choosing DXV, you’ll be installing a quality product that will not only satisfy homeowners’ design essentials but will also last the test of time providing years of enjoyment. DXV is the ideal solution for luxury properties and custom homes.


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