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More on finished floor underlayments in basements

A properly ventilated sub-floor means long-term comfort and protection

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November 5, 2015 by DMX Plastics Ltd.

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Installing finished flooring materials atop a mere slab of concrete is simply asking for trouble. On the other hand, a ventilated basement sub-floor using DMX 1-Step adds years of comfort, safety and value to any home.

Don’t ignore the double threat of mold on floors
Two things to remember:
1) Mold comes from moisture, and water is bound by the laws of gravity. Therefore, it only makes sense to pay as much attention to basement floors as to walls.
2) Because concrete is porous, it can also wick moisture upwards from beneath, particularly if there’s no protection between it and the ground beneath, as often is the case with older basements. It’s like a silent sump pump. The increased moisture, even resulting from temperature and humidity differences between the ambient air and the concrete itself, leads to dampness and mold. Add the residual moisture from a water heater, sink, or washing machine malfunction, and you have a potential mold problem.

Combine a DMX 1-Step underlay with a plywood sub-floor, and the basement is warm, quiet and mold-resistant

Combine a DMX 1-Step underlay with a plywood sub-floor, and the basement is warm, quiet and mold-resistant

Basements need protection from this serious health hazard. Plastic sheet, tiles, plywood or carpet, aren’t sufficient. In fact, plastic, tiles and plywood only capture moisture, allowing it to form mold. As for carpet, imagine the mold that can develop in the fibres or under the rubber pad?

The best solution? Do it right!
A properly executed basement sub floor using DMX 1-Step as an underlay addresses all these risks. Moisture wicked from below can ventilate and evaporate via the improved circulation while excess water from other sources can find its way to the drains; all this below the finished flooring material. Add the R2.24 insulation value of DMX 1-Step and comfort-under-foot and improved sound insulation is noticeable.

The result is a basement that is warm and easy to live in.

DMX Plastics Ltd.

DMX Plastics Ltd.

DMX 1-Step™ has a state-of-the-art design that provides you with the ultimate in sound absorption and cushioning of your floors.
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