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RealSpace3D – Five ways to use 3D renderings improve your next project

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In the past 3D renders were very expensive. It was not uncommon to pay over ten thousand dollars per image. However, with improvements in technology, that price has dropped to where you get high-quality 3d imaging completed for under one thousand dollars, and some basic renderings can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. 3D rendering companies such as RealSpace3D now offer rendering services directly targeted at contractors, homeowners, and small developers. Below are five tips for using 3D rendering to improve your workflow with clients and potentially save money.

1. Get Client Signoff Faster
Many people have a hard time visualizing how a finished project is going to come together. Architectural plans can make it even more difficult. 3D Renderings can significantly help clients who struggle with visualizing plans or ideas. The images will let the client see what the project is going to look like, make modifications if needed, and feel confident enough to sign off on the design. In many cases, the client is more than happy to cover the cost.

2. Regulatory Board Approval
Depending on where you operate, regulatory boards can be a challenge. 3D Renderings can be a powerful tool for communicating how your design will fit into the neighbourhood. Renderings can be particularly useful with heritage homes, roofline regulations, and development applications.

3. Exterior Rendering for signage
If you plan to put the home on the market after completion, a sign is an excellent way to drive early interest. Having a rendering of the finished home can help generate extra interest and line up potential buyers earlier.

4. Rendering for listing a property faster
When listing a home, first impressions can make a big difference. Although the house may be close to completion, it might not be an ideal time for photography. Having one exceptional image can help drive some extra interest and potentially sell the home faster.

5. Show multiple options
3D Renderings can be a great way to present options to a client. These options could include colour, finishes, decks, pools or room layouts. Many options can be completed without plans making it a relatively quick and cost-effective workflow.

Finding a reputable company to work with is a great resource. It lists the top companies by city and services offered along with client reviews. If you have the budget for 3D animation GSWAnimation is a similar company directory resource.


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