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Reasons to Renovate: Doors Edition

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September 21, 2016 by JELD-WEN

Homeowners often ask the question, which areas of my home should I invest in? There isn’t always a straightforward answer. If your windows are old and leaky, then a window replacement is an excellent way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and boost its value on the market. Exterior and Interior doors are also an excellent investment in the home. Here are some reasons to upgrade doors:

Exterior (Curb Appeal)

One of the best bang-for-your-buck curb appeal boosters is a brand new entry door. Not only will an eye-catching wood or fibreglass front door act as a focal point for the house, it can increase energy efficiency, security and the value of a home. Other ideas include adding transoms or sidelites to an existing door or adding a decorative glass insert for a luxurious feature.

Exterior (Energy Efficiency)

Imagine if there was a big hole in the center of your front door. Then imagine trying to cool the house on a hot day in summer with the air conditioning escaping through that hole. If your entry door is old or suffers from drafts, you’ll have to run your air conditioning or heating that much harder to get the desired result. A brand new energy efficient entry door can lower the utility bill while making an attractive addition to any home.

Interior (Stylish Sound Reduction)

Homeowners don’t always think to upgrade their doors, but new interior doors can make a huge impact on a home’s aesthetic as well as its sound control. Choose from a wide variety of entry door styles, colours and configurations, and try a ProCore sound reducing solid core door on rooms where increased peace and quiet is desired.

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Beauty image of an exterior door

Exterior and interior doors are also an excellent investment in the home