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Slide, Fold and Swing: Tips for choosing the right patio door

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June 23, 2016 by JELD-WEN

Patio doors are a popular summer upgrade option, especially if they are being installed along with a newly renovated porch, deck or outdoor patio. One decision homeowners have to face, is whether they want a sliding, swinging or folding patio door. Here is brief look at some of the main types of patio doors available.

A sliding patio door

JELD-WEN Sliding Patio Door


Sliding patio doors are ideal for connecting crowded living spaces to narrow decks or balconies. The panel glides easily, making this space-saving patio door an attractive and convenient upgrade option. Whether choosing wood, or vinyl, a sliding patio door is guaranteed to improve the quality of life around the home.


JELD-WEN Folding Patio Door

JELD-WEN Folding Patio Door

Folding patio doors give homeowners the most customization over their opening. Operating accordion style, each section glides smoothly on bottom rollers and neatly folds to the side for full access to the indoors and outdoors. Homeowners can choose between 2-panel, 3-panel or 4-panel. They are also available in wood or fibreglass. This makes folding patio doors the ideal choice for projects where a certain degree of flexibility is required.


JELD-WEN Swinging Patio Door

JELD-WEN Swinging Patio Door

If space isn’t an issue, swinging patio doors are an elegant feature in the home. Homeowners can choose whether they swing in or out, depending on their space restrictions. Available in 2-panel, or 4-panel for a wide and spacious entryway, swinging patio doors make an excellent entry point for large decks or backyard patios. They are available in steel, fibreglass, or wood .

Ultimately, the choice of which patio door to get comes down to material, regional availability and most importantly, personal preference. Visit to browse their wide selection of patio door styles and options.