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Social Media means “being present”

"Trying to be everywhere is enough work for a full time job. Be selective."

Social Media Management goes beyond just posting an update on your company’s social profiles and then walking away. You need to engage your audience and be present. If a potential customer asks your business page a question and you don’t answer promptly, you’ve probably lost that customer. Social media is customer service in 2019. And you should be there.

Your role on social media is not necessarily to make “sales.” You need to be present for your customers. You should aim to become the go-to in a particular category so you gain social trust. In the end, you want loyal customers who come back over and over again. That relationship doesn’t start from hard sales. Customers make decisions based on emotions and if you can be the company that is trusted, half your sales pitch is already done before they even contact you.

Here are three quick tips to improve your social media:

  1. You don’t have to be everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the list keeps going. The reality is that trying to be everywhere is enough work for a full time job. Be selective. You do not need to be on every platform. If you are going to manage it yourself, choose options that you like. Each platform has its benefits and downfalls, which you choose depends on your needs.
  2. Consistency matters. Social media is run by algorithms and those algorithms favour consistency. If you post consistently engaging content, the algorithms will push your content to the top of feeds because it identifies that this is relevant content.
  3. People like images. Think of this as a cardinal rule, whatever the platform. People are more likely to engage with posts with images instead of just text. That doesn’t mean that you need hundreds of photos. It means that you should make thoughtful posts that provide relevant content for your audience with an eye-catching image.

Social media done right will be a game changer for your business. Does this seems like a lot of work? A social media management company like Pilot Solutions can help! You can up your digital marketing game without having to hire anyone new on your team to manage it. Outsourcing social media management means that it will be taken care by someone who not only has the time but also the knowledge to ensure that your campaigns are a success.