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SoftPlan 2018 released

The biggest addition to the technologically advance architectural design software is the real-time SoftList material estimator.

Brentwood, TN – March 20, 2017

SoftPlan Systems, Inc. has released SoftPlan 2018. SoftPlan 2018 incorporates hundreds of new features that enhance the unique design experience SoftPlan has to offer.

The biggest addition to SoftPlan 2018 is the real-time SoftList material estimator. SoftList generates the material list live, meaning that the report updates automatically as the user designs and makes revisions to the project. Easy to learn and use, SoftList provides immediate, accurate feedback on material quantities and cost estimates to inform design decisions throughout the project. SoftList’s layout tools provide complete customization over the report’s content, format, and appearance, allowing the user to create attractive material lists and cost estimate reports that include a host of export and print options.

SoftPlan’s new “live schedules” automatically update as items are edited on the drawing or 3D model. Likewise, any modifications made to information in the live schedule will update the drawings and model to reflect those changes. The new Auto Basement command marks another leap forward for SoftPlan’s powerful, time-saving automation. With a click of the mouse, quickly generate an automatic basement or foundation plan using the main floor drawing as a reference. After selecting walls and wall heights, Auto Basement creates a nearly complete basement drawing with zero hassle.

This release also includes significant advancements to SoftPlan’s 3D rendering capabilities. With the introduction of path trace rendering and enhanced photon mapping, SoftPlan 2018 generates the most realistic 3D imagery to date. The new 3D preview window updates in real-time as changes are made to the floor plan allowing users to view the instant three-dimensional results of their work. Over 30,000 architectural, building, and remodeling companies have discovered SoftPlan as the foremost CAD package for residential building professionals.

About SoftPlan Systems, Inc.

Since 1985, SoftPlan has strived to provide an ever-evolving software solution that is powerful while being easy to learn and use. Working through eighteen separate releases, SoftPlan has continued to invest in new product development in order to remain an industry leader. A free SoftPlan trial DVD which includes a trial version of the software is available by visiting


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