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Taking the Unconventional Approach. Why dimple sheet basement protection is a winning bet. Part 1

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Coding conflicts and the win/win of dimplesheet protection


Dimple Sheet foundation protection has many benefits over conventional foundation protection systems. Here are two:

  • They are more robust, user friendly, and since they come pre-manufactured there is no special skills or tools required for their installation.
  • Their structure makes them ideal for use with other foundation protection products to provide a more complete system of protection, providing value added attributes to a complete system approach to subterranean protection.


In fact, the majority of limitations related to dimple sheet systems are the result of building code terminology. In Canada the use of a plastic dimple sheet is limited to use as a dampproofing and drainage layer, while waterproofing is left to the more traditional systems and building code material selections. Unlike Canada, the US Building Code has a broader perception of waterproofing materials and systems and the way in which they can be applied to foundations. That means they can perform their function while providing enhanced benefits not found in conventional materials and systems.


These two very different perspectives has paved the path for dimple sheet protection to find a niche in the foundation protection arena, and they have become a product of choice by many home builders, home owners, repair contactors and even designers for the many benefits they offer over traditional systems. In Ontario, where the building code requires dampproofing and drainage systems can be applied where interior basement insulation covers the bulk of the foundation wall to the concrete slab line, where the dimple sheet system has become mainstream.


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1 Comment » for Taking the Unconventional Approach. Why dimple sheet basement protection is a winning bet. Part 1
  1. Chris says:

    In Ontario climate, if you put the dimple sheet on the inside of the foundation, what about the typical vapor barrier plastic ?
    Is it still needed ?

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