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Taking the Unconventional Approach. Why dimple sheet basement protection is a winning bet. Part 3


A design solution in three dimensions

Lagging Wall LA 1The three-dimensional design of the dimple plastic sheet offers multiple benefits that has been tested and proven effective for approximately 20 years in North America. Dimple sheet protection for residential use originated in Europe over 25 years ago. The appearance of the dimple sheet system showing up in places such as China, India, Eastern Europe and South America is a testament to this technology. The dimple sheet has now evolved in North America to a point that it has been noted for its abilities to provide interior building protection from enhanced building envelope performance and indoor air quality control and has expanded its domain.


Dimple sheet applications

The dimple sheet system for residential foundations can be installed on foundations of all kinds, poured concrete, concrete block, ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), and PWF (Preserved Wood Foundation). With its high compressive strength, excellent mechanical properties and drainage capacity, it can be used as both a standalone protection system or in combination with other waterproofing materials on new or existing foundations for a systems approach to basement protection.


The more common materials used for the production of the dimple sheet systems are HDPE¹, PP², and PS³. The latter two are more popular choices for the commercial and industrial segments of the construction industry for technical reasons. For the residential construction sector the most common material is HDPE, with the majority of that being recycled for its ability to be cost effective and satisfies the newest trend in residential construction for the Green Building initiatives that have become front and center the last few years. Being environmentally friendly is important for most consumers these days, and the dimple sheet industry has embraced this philosophy by providing materials that meet the intent of the LEED Building system for a greener world.


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