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Three quick, easy SEO tips that will build traffic and make you famous

When someone types “best contractor” in to Google, you want to be the first listing that appears. The best way to do that is through improving your Search Engine Optimization. Here are 3 easy tips you can implement today!


  1. Think like a customer. Keep in mind that people use Google to solve problems or answer questions. As a contractor, you should be setting up informational pages on your website. On these pages, use language that Google can recognize as an answer to a common question. For example, “Ten reasons you should hire a contractor for your project.” It’s important that you work to become a resource for your customers. Providing “how-to” articles with simple language (avoiding industry jargon), will get you well on your way! Google wants to show the most relevant information. You need to demonstrate that you have that information for potential customers.
  2. Make it painfully obvious where you operate out of and/or what areas you service. We mean put that information on every page of your website so customers and Google know exactly where your services are offered. We recommend either in the header or footer. If you want to take this farther (and you should!) set up Google Search Console and input your operating areas. The more specific information that Google knows about your business the more likely it will allow you to show up in relevant results.
  3. Ask customers to contact you from your website. Put a contact form or call to action on every page, even if it’s just so a potential customer can email you and you can phone them back. Generally, a well structured website should have a call to action on every page. You want more business after all! Google also sees interactions with contact forms as a positive experience which will increase your relevance in search results.

Want to know more? Check out our blog post on 5 tips to make your website rank better right now.

Do you feel overwhelmed by SEO? Do you not know where to start? That’s why we’re here! Contact us at Pilot Solutions for a free website audit.


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