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The 2016 Canadian Contractor Outstanding Renovator & Custom Homebuilder Award

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The 2016 Canadian Contractor Outstanding Renovator & Custom Homebuilder Award celebrates the outstanding business acumen by renovation and custom homebuilding contractors in Canada.  The industry’s only independent award in Canada, the inaugural award ceremony will take place in November in conjunction with RenoFocus, the premier renovation market event.


  • Any contractor attending the previous year’s RenoFocus event is eligible.
  • Individuals must work for a registered Canadian company.

How to enter:

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Email to: 

General Information:

  • Video / Photo / Document Files:
  • A private company Dropbox will be shared with each applicant. Check your mailbox for an invitation from with access to your private company Dropbox folder. Drag and drop any files you would like as part of your application.
  • Note, the images don’t need to be professional quality. We’ll give due consideration for all the projects we see, regardless of the medium.
  • Please label all photos with the names of the people in the photos and address or business name of the project (eg: The Waverley House, Front St. Bar, etc.).
  • If the photos are professionally done, please provide us with the name of the photographer for photo credit.
  • Photos and videos may be used during the award ceremony.

Judging Criteria:
The judges will look for a variety of things but their main objective is to answer these questions:

  1. Would I consider this builder as a mentor to other residential renovators and custom homebuilders?
  2. Does this builder use methods of construction, business management, marketing, human and financial resources that is innovative and smart.”
  3. Would I want this contractor to do my renovation or new home?
  4. Is the business growing?

Note: Where the business issues are concerned, there is no gross revenue criterion. We are more interested in profitability than volume. Improvement of profitability over time is also a key consideration.

Mark Your Calendar With These Key Dates:
Application Deadline:  October 5, 2016
Finalist Notification: October 15, 2016
Award Date: November 28, 2016 | Canadian Contractor Awards: Outstanding Renovator & Custom Homebuilder Award | Le Germain Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

For award program information, contact:
Rob Koci, Publisher

For application information, contact:
Stephanie Chiang
416 510 5244

Good luck and we hope to see you in November 2016 at RenoFocus as we celebrate the inaugural Canadian Contractor Outstanding Renovator & Custom Homebuilder Award Sponsored by Festool