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$110 of fine tax-collecting by the local police department

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Willem Vorsteveld got pulled over for excessive smoke from tailpipe, then was given an impossible 72 hours to fix it. These stories may seem like minor issues, but you have to wonder when regulatory authorities will start to recognize what working contractors can and cannot do, compliance-wise, and how quickly.

If we took all the posts where hard working contractors were, essentially, unable to work because of cash-grab regulatory authorities, and published them in a book, it would be four inches thick and come out monthly.

Here’s some fine work by the Guelph, Ont. police department, helping to create some minor but unnecessary down time for a local jobs-creator in their community. Thanks to Willem Vorsteveld, Petra Contracting for sharing.

“I got pulled over by Guelph police in January of this year for excessive smoke from tailpipe. It was a Wednesday, he gave me 72 hours to remedy problem and then show that it was fixed to have the ticket waived. Garage looked at it Thursday but could not get parts to have it done by Friday, so I called cop and explained situation and he said couldn’t do anything about it. Picked up truck Monday and went to police station Tuesday with receipt to show repairs done. Cop at desk said, ” Oh I would have cleared it” but it’s up to cop who issued ticket to make decision. So $110 ticket had to be paid. What was really annoying was the 24 hrs on a weekend when nothing could be done. What if I got pulled over on the Friday, then 48 hrs lost.”



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1 Comment » for $110 of fine tax-collecting by the local police department
  1. Dave says:

    Another cash grab. At least you were given time to fix your problem. We had our truck start to smoke on the way to a job site (diesel) and we had actually already ordered a new truck. Our illustrious OPP vultures stopped us and gave us a couple of nasty tickets amounting to over $500.00 in fines.
    The truck had just passed its yearly safety.
    They have no human concern but making their quotas and lining the local authorities pockets.
    They make it costly and difficult to fight as well.
    I just paid it and did not plead guilty but wrote a letter saying how poorly the officer conducted themselves. I feel your pain, maybe the police should go after the real criminals.

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